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BitCo identifies five defence mechanisms to combat cyberattacks

With unprepared businesses ending up on the firing line, Michael Colin, Sales Director at telecommunications service provider BitCo, offers five […]

Trend Micro expert on email hackers being defeated by AI

Email is a regular method of attack for the cybercriminal because it is the easiest and most successful way to […]

Forcepoint expert on four biggest misconceptions about cloud security

The widespread adoption of cloud solutions has been driven by the myriad of associated benefits offered, such as flexibility, scalability […]

Forcepoint CRO on privacy and the changing world of data protection

The implementation of GDPR has made good data security an absolute priority for organisations – not only in Europe but […]

One year since WannaCry/NotPetya – what has changed?

It’s been a year since WannaCry and NotPetya wreaked havoc worldwide. And while the high-profile cyberattacks prompted an increased awareness […]

IDC expert on why security is vital to organisational success

Security is as vital to organisational success as technology and people, says Mark Walker, Associate Vice President of Sub-Saharan Africa at […]

Thinking outside the box to reduce the talent shortage

Targeting a wider pool of potential employees can never be deemed a disadvantage for employers in the tech industry. We […]

Prevent your network from being attacked by a Botnet

Not having enough network protection may allow your organisation’s devices to be part of the next cyberattack, according to Harish […]

The Godfather Part 4: Cybercrime isn’t personal, it’s strictly business

Aatish Pattni, Regional Director of UK and Ireland for Link11, highlights the parallels between today’s organised cybercriminal gangs and their […]

‘Zero trust security approach is gaining acceptance’: Centrify expert

Organisations are coming to realise that merely a user a user name and password are not enough to secure their […]

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