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Avanite CEO on how web data bloat can be effectively reduced

Francesco Giarletta, CEO of Avanite, examines the potential security issues that simple web browsing data can cause and how web […]

How is the cybersecurity skills shortage impacting workforces?

Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEO of Pulse Secure, a global provider of enterprise secure access solutions, discusses the impact of the cyberskills shortage […]

Red Hat expert on the top five ways that DevSecOps isn’t like sport

Mike Bursell, Chief Security Architect, Red Hat, discusses the similarities – and big differences – between DevSecOps and sport. There’s […]

Attackers could use heat traces left on keyboard to steal passwords

Tomas Foltyn, Security Writer at ESET, outlines details of an attack called ‘Thermanator’, which could use your body heat against […]

Top tips for staying safe online on Amazon Prime Day

Industry experts have offered their tips on how to ensure network and personal data is safe from hackers this Amazon […]

Why a unified approach to security is best – Fortinet expert

A new approach to network security is needed, according to John Maddison, Senior Vice President of Products and Solutions, Fortinet. […]

Schneider Electric expert on why ‘security is everyone’s job’

As more companies embark on digital transformation strategies, every employee needs to have security at the forefront of their mind. […]

How to navigate the intersection of DevOps and security

Meera Rao, Senior Principal Consultant at Synopsys, discusses how organisations and businesses can best approach DevSecOps. A brief history of […]

Sophos expert on how to identify and avoid phishing scams

Phishing might be one of the oldest tricks in the books for cybercriminals but it remains a significant threat, with […]

Effective cloud security requires a dedicated hybrid approach

As more businesses embrace digital transformation strategies, there is a growing need to ensure robust cloud security solutions are in […]

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