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Cybereason announces its newest customer, Lewis Silkin LLP

Cybereason announces its newest customer, Lewis Silkin LLP

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Cybereason, creators of a leading cybersecurity AI hunting platform, has announced that Lewis Silkin, one of the UK’s top commercial law firms, is now a customer.

“Threats in the UK legal sector are very real. Over the last 18 months we have witnessed a staggering 68% of UK law firms suffering some form of incident, from ransomware, DDoS attacks and spear phishing campaigns,”  said Carol Skinner, Head of IT, Lewis Silkin.

“Considering the work carried out by the legal sector and the vast amounts of sensitive data we hold, law firms are expected to keep this information secure and confidential. After all, it is the reputation of protecting our clients’ most sensitive information that the legal profession itself was built on.”

“Today’s hackers hold a strategic advantage because of the growing numbers of access points as well as organisations’ reliance on preventive-based tools and reactive measures. I am delighted that Lewis Silkin recognised that we could provide a unique and effective solution to make threats visible with context but also allow for a rapid response globally and with ease,” said Sam Schofield, Regional Vice President UK & Ireland, Cybereason.

“Cybereason offered us the ability to move away from relying on a reactive, legacy preventative approach. Moving to its threat hunting engine will give us a more proactive approach to security and better visibility, detection and remediation of threats in our network,” added Skinner.

“We are delighted to have partnered with such a great team at Lewis Silkin, and we look forward to assisting other organisations in the legal sector that wish to reverse the adversary advantage,” said Schofield.

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