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Aqua Security provides visibility into application security

Aqua Security provides visibility into application security

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Aqua Security, a leading platform provider for securing container-based and cloud native applications based in Israel, has announced the integration of its platform with Datadog’s cloud monitoring and analytics platform. With this integration, Aqua provides real-time visibility into the security posture of cloud native applications to Datadog users, including information on vulnerable images, untrusted running containers and security anomalies found by Aqua in the runtime environment.

For DevOps teams that continuously monitor applications for operational parameters such as performance, bug tracking and errors, security events are often a blind spot that is handled elsewhere although they may directly affect application uptime and resiliency. The integration of Aqua’s granular security information into Datadog’s comprehensive monitoring makes it possible to identify issues quickly and analyse their impact on application availability.

“As organisations shift to more dynamic infrastructure through cloud and container technologies, communication between application and security teams is more important than ever,” said Ilan Rabinovitch, VP Product and Community at Datadog. “By combining Datadog’s deep insights into containerised application performance with Aqua Security’s enforcement of security best practices, we are helping organisations bridge the gap between these traditionally siloed teams.”

The integration between Datadog and Aqua CSP features pre-built Datadog dashboards that display:

  • Container images currently in Aqua’s scan queue
  • Known vulnerabilities and security issues found in existing images
  • Containers running from unauthorised images
  • Aqua runtime policy violations and audit events

Additionally, Datadog users can use the data provided in the Aqua dashboards to set up their own alerts, aggregate data streams from different applications and customise how data is displayed. 

“We are excited to be partnering with Datadog to deliver a more complete security view to DevOps teams,” said Amir Jerbi, CTO and Co-founder of Aqua Security. “In the cloud native era, ensuring security can no longer be the exclusive burden of security teams and instead should be part of the overall operational soundness of applications throughout their lifecycle. Our integration with Datadog creates a valuable shortcut that allows security issues to be detected early and fixed quickly, preventing escalated security incidents in production.”  

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