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Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst investigates threats at machine speed

Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst investigates threats at machine speed

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Darktrace cyber AI analyst investigates threats at machine speed

Darktrace, a world leading cyber AI company, has announced the launch of the Cyber AI Analyst, a new technology that emulates human thought processes to continuously investigate cyberthreats at machine speed. Early adopters of the technology have reported a 92% reduction in the time required to investigate threats and provide conclusions to executives.

This ground-breaking innovation is the culmination of more than three years of research at the Darktrace R&D Centre in Cambridge, UK. Using various forms of Machine Learning, including unsupervised, supervised and Deep Learning, the technology learned human intuition and trade craft from more than 100 world-class cyber analysts across thousands of customer deployments.

Typically, a human analyst will spend half an hour to half a day investigating a single suspicious security incident. They will look for patterns, form hypotheses and reach conclusions about how to mitigate the threat and share the findings with the rest of the business.

Darktrace’s Cyber AI Analyst accelerates this process, continuously conducting investigations behind the scenes and operating at a speed and scale beyond human capabilities. And crucially, it can conduct expert investigations into hundreds of parallel threads simultaneously and instantly communicate its findings in the form of an actionable security narrative.

By learning from the millions of interactions between Darktrace’s expert analysts and the output of the Enterprise Immune System – Darktrace’s flagship threat detection product – the Cyber AI Analyst combines human expertise with the consistency, speed and scalability of AI. The ability of AI to investigate every possibility, make connections between seemingly disparate events and quickly illuminate the full scope of a security incident dramatically reduces ‘time to meaning’ and buys back time for human teams.

“The burden of investigating threats typically falls on the shoulders of a small number of trained security professionals,” said Mike Beck, Global Head of Threat Analysis, Darktrace. “With Cyber AI Analyst, security teams can now rely on AI to investigate hundreds of threats at once, allowing human analysts to focus on the most strategic work.”

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