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Proofpoint and Okta protect users most targeted by cyberattacks

Organisations continue to struggle with advanced attacks that are focused on targeting their individual users.

Proofpoint has taken a people-centric approach to looking at how threat actors carry out their attacks.

This allows the company to provide customers with visibility into the most attacked users within your organisation.

Based on various attack criteria – such as attack targeting, type of attack, and threat actor sophistication – it can generate the threat severity for each attack. Proofpoint looks at the overall volume of attacks impacting an individual user and combining these provides visibility into the Very Attacked People (VAPs) within an organisation.

While Proofpoint have several adaptive controls built into its solutions, it also has a partnership with Okta where clients can get a cloud-based approach to Identity Management, with simplicity of setup and ease of use for end users.

The integration provides several impactful use cases to protect an organisation and the most attacked people.

As a joint customer, you can:

• Assign access to applications or restrict access to risky applications based on the riskiness of your users

• Create dynamic MFA policies based on user risk. This includes MFA session and factor length, which MFA factors users are required/allowed/disallowed from enrolling, and app-level MFA requirements.

• Adjust a user’s roles or entitlements for authorisation in downstream apps if they are deemed high risk

• Automatically adjust password policy such as complexity, history, expiration and reuse for your most highly attacked users

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