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Avon suffers a cybersecurity incident

Avon suffers a cybersecurity incident

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Cosmetics giant, Avon, is recovering from a cybersecurity incident. The company has filed documents with the US Securities Exchange Commission disclosing the incident on June 9. The documents said that Avon Products suffered a cyber incident in its Information Technology environment which has “interrupted some systems and partially affected operations.” It said the company is evaluating the extent of the incident and working diligently to mitigate the effects.

Chris Hauk, Consumer Privacy Champion at Pixel Privacy, said: “At first blush, this appears to be another cyberattack by hackers that are holding Avon systems for ransom. If this does turn out to have been a ransomware attack, it underscores the need for companies like Avon to educate their employees and executives as to the dangers of clicking links and opening attachments in emails and other communications. 

“It should be noted that Avon’s restoration of access to the cosmetic firm’s Poland and Romania backends indicates that the company did have backups of their data, which they are using to restore their services. Companies should always have recent backups of their data, which is kept separate from their day-to-day systems.”

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