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French IT giant, Sopra Steria, suffers Ryuk ransomware attack

French IT giant, Sopra Steria, suffers Ryuk ransomware attack

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IT services provider, Sopra Steria, has confirmed that it was hit by a ‘new version’ of the Ryuk ransomware that was ‘previously unknown to antivirus software providers and security agencies’. The French-headquartered company detected the cyberattack and made it public the following day.

In a statement, Sopra Steria said it has made the virus signature of the new Ryuk ransomware strain available to ‘all antivirus software providers’ so that they can update their defences. Sopra Steria said that the ransomware attack was launched ‘a few days before it was detected’, which meant the virus was contained to a ‘limited part of the group’s infrastructure’.

Jamie Ahktar, CEO and Co-Founder at CyberSmart, said: “This is an example of a well-handled cyberattack. Employees were vigilant enough to catch the attack early, it was reported to authorities to protect other businesses using the software and security protocols already in place at the company ensured the damage was localised and managed. Many companies struggle with creating resiliency plans for attacks like this and it’s good to see an organisation taking its data infrastructure and the data of its customers and partners seriously.”

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