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Pandemic IT security survey exposes critical gap

Pandemic IT security survey exposes critical gap

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Lynx Software has announced the results of its pandemic cybersecurity survey designed to capture US employees’ sentiment toward how seriously companies have taken cybersecurity since the start of COVID-19. Companies have not done enough to prevent heightened security risk in light of remote working, as nearly four in 10 (36%) respondents have been, or know someone who has been, impacted by a cybersecurity attack since the start of COVID-19.

Lynx’s survey findings of 1,000 working Americans indicates that a large majority of respondents (69%) are more concerned about cybersecurity risks during COVID-19 than they were before the pandemic – as perimeter-based security is no longer possible so device infrastructure becomes even more vulnerable. Worryingly, less than half (49%) of respondents said their organization’s cybersecurity has strengthened since the start of the pandemic. Employees are mostly concerned about how this could impact their data privacy as 54% of respondents indicated that the biggest cybersecurity concern they have is their personal data being compromised.

“Organizations of all types need to prioritize finding ways to secure end-points for their employees’ devices, whether they are on laptops, edge servers or anything between, especially in the remote, zero-trust environment we are living in.” said Arun Subbarao, Vice President of Engineering and Technology at Lynx Software.

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