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Ava Security launches cloud-connected Ava Bullet camera

Ava Security launches cloud-connected Ava Bullet camera

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Ava Security has launched Ava Bullet, a robust, cloud-connected security camera that uses AI, Machine Learning and acoustic analytics to help users detect anomalies in real-time and receive proactive incident notifications. Built with high-quality materials to withstand vandalism and harsh weather conditions, this camera is ideal for securing locations across long distances such as airports, streets, car parks, public transport stations, schools, university campuses and workplaces. 

Tormod Ree, CEO and Co-founder of Ava Security, said: “We are excited to introduce the Ava Bullet, which adds to our world-class portfolio of cloud-native cameras. Sophisticated in function and designed for adverse conditions, the Bullet is also dead simple to install. A sliding body makes the physical installation easier than anything else on the market. Scanning a QR code connects the Bullet to the Ava Aware Cloud, delivering powerful cloud-native video management and up-to-date features. Our customers are going to love this camera and we cannot wait to begin shipping it.”

Common challenges with traditional video solutions include difficult installation, storage constraints, expensive on-premises servers and security vulnerabilities. Ava Bullet overcomes these challenges through a simple, secure plug-and-play configuration, instant cloud connectivity and onboard and cloud storage. Ava Bullet’s software is always up to date and evolves over time with software delivered from the cloud. To withstand cybersecurity vulnerabilities, Ava Bullet is equipped with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to provide a secure encryption key storage for each camera.

Ava Bullet will be available in wide or tele lenses, up to 4K (8MP) image sensor, IR illumination and an optical zoom which enables users to capture high-quality images so they can identify events over long distances and in adverse conditions, such as low light conditions or complete darkness. The built-in video and audio analytics in the Ava Bullet security camera can also detect and identify specific sound patterns, such as gunshots, breaking glass or smoke alarms and even determine their direction. 

Sam Lancia, Head of Video Engineering and Co-founder of Ava Security, added: “Video is increasingly critical to the security and safety of airports, cities and workplaces around the globe, which is why it’s more important than ever to optimise these cameras.  An overwhelming challenge is the amount of time and manpower that must be devoted to analysing video footage. Which is why through our cloud solution we have preserved all the forensic details customers might need to detect threats without the additional burden of storing large volumes of footage. Instead, users have the relevant insights where and when they need it, to execute appropriate action.”

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