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Report finds up to 300% increase in attacks from opportunistic targeting

A report from NTT has found a spike in application attacks as remote access becomes a common vulnerability. NTT, a world-leading global technology services provider, has launched its 2021 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR), which reveals how hackers are taking advantage of global destabilization by targeting essential industries and common vulnerabilities from the shift to […]

Why attackers continue to target the network

Corey Nachreiner, CTO at WatchGuard Technologies, tells us that there is no cybersecurity ‘silver bullet’.  He says: “The challenging part of security is that it requires a layered approach including many protection strategies, both technical and human.” According to the WatchGuard Threat Lab’s recent Internet Security Report, network attack detections reached their highest level since […]

Genetec expert on unblurring the lines between physical and cybersecurity

Modern organisations use a range of smart physical security solutions to keep their people and assets safe – but it’s important that they also acknowledge that these security tools can be an entry point for threat actors to gain access to corporate networks. Christian Morin, Chief Security Officer and Vice President Integration and Cloud Services, […]

The Zero Trust security model — A must-have for the new normal hybrid world

Vibin Shaju, Presales Director, EMEA Enterprise, McAfee, tells us how a Zero Trust model can create a strong foundation for holistic security and why it is required, particularly as the Coronavirus pandemic caused a surge in the number of data breaches. Prior to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business case for cloud computing […]

World Password Day: Password protection needs a fundamental change

On World Password Day, Krupa Srivatsan, Director of Product Marketing at Infoblox, explains techniques organizations can employ to ensure password best practice. Let’s be honest, our digital lives have us drowning in passwords. The average person manages anywhere between 60 and 90 password-protected accounts – a number that goes up for IT professionals. In an […]

Auth0 survey reveals frustrations with password management

A new survey released by Auth0 on World Password Day reveals the frustrations of password management. Auth0 has released a new survey on World Password Day which promotes better password habits. The research, commissioned by identity management experts Auth0 working with YouGov, asked more than 1,200 business leaders and 8,000 consumers around the world about […]

Tips for implementing zero trust – Taking trust away from security

Matthew Heap, Head of Solution Architecture, APJ for Rackspace Technology, advises tech leaders how to get their bearings with zero trust as they start to think about how they might implement. Whether it’s between leaders, managers and workers, vendors and customers, or companies and regulators, trust lowers the barriers to co-operation and keeps things moving […]

From the C-suite to IT: Identifying anomalous behavior to stop digital adversaries in their tracks

Orion Cassetto, Director, Product Marketing, Exabeam, surveys the cybersecurity risk to different departments of a business. “The highest-ranking members of a company are often the most lucrative targets for cybercriminals,” he says. Departments within an organization may be easily distinguished by where they are situated in an office building (when we are allowed into our […]

Strategies to ensure cybersecurity aligns with 2021 business objectives

The remote working model has meant more organisations have had to adapt to a hybrid workforce and creating a culture of security while building an updated cybersecurity strategy is critical. Alain Sanchez, EMEA CISO and Senior Evangelist at Fortinet, discusses some key ways to build out a robust cybersecurity plan for a hybrid workforce. Every […]

A pandemic of cyberattacks

Babur Khan, Technical Marketing Engineer – Enterprise Security, A10 Networks, on the rising incidents of cyberattacks. In the first quarter of 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc around the globe. The coronavirus is continuously evolving and presenting new challenges. In addition to the direct effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also saw a […]

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