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We ‘go phishing’ with Will Ackerly, CTO and Co-founder, Virtru, who tells us about life inside and outside the office

What first made you think of a career in cybersecurity? Early in my career as an electrical engineer in 2003, I got exposed to just how much inherent trust is assumed in many systems by default. My very first job was at Advanced Micro Devices designing Peripheral Card Interface sub-systems (PCI) and I was shocked […]

The SEC’s amendments highlight the need for companies to focus on cybersecurity and the wider business

In March 2022, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed amendments to its rules regarding the disclosure of cybersecurity expertise within businesses. These amendments are meant for institutional investors, shareholders and investors to showcase the need for heightened focus towards cybersecurity at the core of business, surpassing conventional strategies that have allowed multiple headlining […]

Report finds cloud more complex to manage than on-prem

Thales report reveals Australian businesses find cloud privacy and data protection more complex to manage than on-prem. A report from Thales reveals Australian businesses find cloud privacy and data protection more complex to manage than on-prem.   Over half of Australian businesses (53%) believe cloud privacy and data protection is more challenging to manage than […]

It’s time to stop sacrificing usability in the name of security

Sébastien Roques-Shaw, Director of Partnerships, Virtru, discusses the emerging Open Trusted Data Format standard and how it can now be implemented by enterprise organisations of all types, allowing CISOs to provide secure Zero Trust data protection across cloud applications and file sharing tools – without compromising ease of collaboration between employees, suppliers and customers. For […]

Agile IT: The role of the CISO in combatting the risks of the ‘move fast, fail fast’ culture

Agile IT must be implemented with due caution, says Taj El-khayat, Managing Director – South EMEA at Vectra AI. Here he discusses the role of the CISO when it comes to balancing organisational agility with the need to ensure security is built into any new product/service from the ground up. GCC governments have staked their […]

The evolving cyberthreat landscape and the benefits of AI and Machine Learning

Derek Manky, Chief, Security Insights & Global Threat Alliances, FortiGuard Labs; and Jonas Walker, Security Strategist with Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs, discuss the changing threat landscape and the role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in fighting today’s cyberthreats. Nowadays, threat actors are leaning on new tools and techniques to improve the efficiency of their attacks. […]

The importance of securing and protecting the endpoint

Lee Wrall, Director and Co-founder of Everything Tech, outlines some of the ways IT managers can better manage their endpoint protection such as updating antivirus programs and moving to the cloud. Whether it’s connected to fixed servers which hold your business’ data or it reaches up into the cloud for the good stuff that keeps […]

How modernizing our security posture helped grow our business

David Weisong, CIO at California-based environmental consulting firm Energy Solutions, explains how the company has gained a competitive advantage to win more business as a result of modernizing its security posture. Cyberattack threats against utility companies continue to rise in quantity and sophistication and, as the CIO of an environmental consulting firm that works with […]

How businesses can best balance security and privacy

California-based Linh Lam, Chief Information Officer at Jamf, discusses strategies and tools that can best help businesses achieve a balance between successful cybersecurity and respecting customer and employee privacy. The UK government’s latest Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2022 found that almost one in three businesses (31%) and a quarter (26%) of charities suffering attacks said they […]

Australian security teams are being left under-resourced on the frontlines

With everything we know about the threat landscape, Rohan Langdon, Vice President Australia and New Zealand ExtraHop, asks how is it that over half of organizations have not had their cyber infrastructure updated in over a year-and-a-half. He tells us: “A more recent driver for executive and board-level buy-in in Australia is the move to […]

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