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Chief data officers leading the digital revolution

Using data to inform business decisions has led to a new role — the chief data officer. Here, John Salt, Co-founder of OnlyDataJobs, shares the three skills needed to succeed in the chief data officer role and explores the attributes that future candidates will have. The rise of the chief data officer role demonstrates the […]

Gartner highlights four ways chief supply chain officers can respond to inflation 

As inflation rates rise in economies around the world, and a recession might be looming, there are four ways chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) can prepare their leadership response over the next months, according to Gartner.  “While CSCOs primarily focus on developing strategy and enabling organisational capabilities, the economic headwinds they experience these days call […]

Deep Dive: Andrew Rose, Resident CISO, EMEA at Proofpoint

Go Phish: Matias Madou, Co-founder and CTO of Secure Code Warrior

We ‘go phishing’ with Matias Madou, Co-founder and CTO of Secure Code Warrior, who tells us about life inside and outside the office. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry? I think for me it was making the move to the defensive side of cybersecurity. Building a house to protect […]

54% of CISOs are ‘fighting an uphill battle’ for board-level cybersecurity support

Over half (54%) of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) say the board fails to provide them with ample investment for cyberinitiatives, according to a new study by cybersecurity technology provider, Encore.  An independent study of 100 C-level executives, 100 CISOs and 500 office workers in the US and the UK sought to uncover the gap that […]

C-suite leaders in addressing the toughest cybersecurity challenges 

Entrust, a global leader in trusted identities, payments and digital infrastructure, has announced the launch of the Entrust Cybersecurity Institute, which offers insights and education for IT and business leaders charged with securely accelerating business growth. The role of today’s senior security and IT leaders has dramatically evolved as they face increasingly complex challenges brought on […]

Counting the cost of the biggest BEC attacks

Robust email protection is a necessity for protecting against one of the industry’s most sophisticated attack types; Business Email Compromise (BEC). Andrew Rose, Resident CISO, Proofpoint, offers some top tips to avoid falling victim to these types of attacks and highlights the importance of adding an extra layer of protection to your business to ensure […]

The CIO’s role in securing cloud environments and simplifying cloud management

Ensuring security in the cloud is of paramount importance in today’s modern working world. Ishpreet Singh, Chief Information Officer, Qualys, discusses some of the ways CIOs can create business value through the cloud and also how they need to prioritise simplifying the management of their cloud environments in a way that aligns with the business’ […]

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