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Norwegian municipality improves security with Trend Micro

See how the Sandefjord Municipality uses Trend Micro’s security solution to protect its operations in today’s digital age.

Protecting airport cybersecurity with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection

Airport security is increasingly effective for protecting against physical threats but the issue of cybersecurity still has to be dealt […]

Nuance voice biometrics to boost security at Santander

Nuance Communications, has announced Santander is making phone banking more seamless and secure through Voice ID, a system that leverages […]

Colruyt Group selects Juniper Networks to support Digital Transformation

Juniper Networks, an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, has announced that Colruyt Group, one of the largest […]

Softcat takes the sting out of perpetual patching with Ivanti Patch for Windows

If you wish to remain a leading Managed Services Provider of technology solutions and services, you must defend against software […]

The Ardagh Group uses Machine Learning solution for crucial visibility

The Ardagh Group, a worldwide leader in packaging solutions, utilised an AI-powered network detection and response platform from Vectra to […]

LanDynamix builds lasting partnership with Allem Brothers

With help from long-standing IT partner, LanDynamix, Allem Brothers is gradually transforming its ICT systems to support its business better […]

SBV Services stops millions of attacks thanks to Trend Micro

SBV Services stops¬†millions of attacks while protecting cash in transit, employees, and data with Trend Micro. Overview SBV Services is […]

Bitdefender helps US public schools address advanced cyberthreats

Cybercriminals do not discriminate in terms of victims or type of organisations. If there is data or money to be […]

DZ BANK selects Vectra for network threat detection

DZ BANK has selected the Cognito cyberattack detection and threat-hunting platform from Vectra to reveal hidden attackers inside its network. […]

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