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Closing the skills gap in a pandemic: What can CISOs do now

It might be considered an understatement that this year has been a difficult one for most if not all businesses, with economies being negatively affected due to the adverse nature of COVID-19. Theresa Lanowitz, Director of Cybersecurity Communications at AT&T Cybersecurity, discusses how CISOs can still find cyber talent amid the global situation to ensure […]

Passing on passwords: How to embrace the new identity era

The username and password have long been the baseline method for protecting accounts, but for consumers and businesses alike, they’ve become a lose-lose. Nick Caley, Vice President, UK and Ireland, ForgeRock, explains why. For consumers, the tipping point passed when the number of online accounts they held reached the hundreds, meaning they can no longer be […]

Reflections of a new CISO: Five lessons learned

What’s it like to be a new CISO? What challenges await you? How might you address them? Lenny Zeltser shares the lessons he learned after becoming the CISO of a fast-growing cybersecurity company. He’s been discussing his journey in articles and talks, so that others can learn from his experience. Speaker Bio Lenny Zeltser has […]

Subex expert on the cyberthreats facing manufacturers

Attacks on manufacturing organisations can be particularly disruptive and, with the ongoing convergence of IT and OT systems, it’s critical that CIOs take steps to secure their critical infrastructure. Vinod Kumar, CEO, Subex, tells us about the challenges facing manufacturing firms and how they can get ahead of attackers. Can you tell us about some […]

Why AI is the key to streamlining security operations

Artificial Intelligence offers an array of benefits to businesses, such as powering video surveillance systems which can help to minimise false alarms during a time when business leaders are dealing with more pressing matters. Kevin Waterhouse, Managing Director at VCA, explores how AI can be applied to security operations and ultimately, enhance business performance. Artificial […]

Risk and trust – The role of threat hunting in business

Threat hunting is the acknowledgement that no system can be considered 100% secure. Matt Gangwer, Senior Director, Managed Threat Response, Sophos, and Greg Iddon, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Managed Threat Response, Sophos, offer their advice on how to approach threat hunting for your business. Whether it is written down or not, every business has the […]

Experts discuss how business leaders have adapted security budgets to manage operations

Gartner has forecasted worldwide security and risk management spending growth to slow but remain positive in 2020. Worldwide spending on information security and risk management technology and services will continue to grow through 2020, although at a lower rate than previously forecast, according to Gartner. Information security spending is expected to grow 2.4% to reach […]

Two can play that innovation game

Data from the latest Global Threat Intelligence Report by NTT Ltd supports the fact that cybercriminals are innovating faster than ever. Rory Duncan, Security Go To Market Leader UK, NTT Ltd, discusses some of the tactics that cybercriminals are using to initiate attacks and how organisations can leverage automation to help them become more secure […]

Building a robust backup strategy for new remote workers

The new working from home model has posed a number of challenges to businesses far and wide. Jay Ralph, Cloud Management Lead, SoftwareONE, suggests some best practice approaches to help tackle them head on. Data is the critical asset for modern organisations, sitting right at the beating heart of business growth and productivity. As a […]

Don’t let the fear of hackers limit your cyber defence

Russell Coleman, Coordinated Disclosure Advisor at HackerOne, offers a deeper insight into ethical hacking and discusses the benefits such as its ability to offer organisations an additional layer of protection. People love new technology and in the connected digital world we live in today, this tends to mean immersive tech experiences, new devices and more […]

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