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Rewriting the rules on resilient infrastructure

Discussions around how to form a reliable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy are firmly placed at the heart of many boardroom discussions. Steve Blow, EMEA Sales Engineering Manager at Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, discusses the importance of building a stronger line of defence when it comes to cybersecurity, and why a holistic […]

Digital identities: How to protect against online fraudsters

As the security landscape continues to evolve, new points of vulnerability are becoming a cause for concern. Anurag Kahol, Founder and CTO at Bitglass, discusses the areas organisations should be paying close attention to when it comes to protecting their data and operations. We live in a connected world where every user and entity has […]

Four critical data storage security questions CIOs must ask

Keeping data safe and protecting it from unauthorised access is a critical part of having a robust cybersecurity posture and is a top priority for CIOs and CISOs. Neil Stobart, VP Global Systems Engineering, Cloudian, discusses the four questions every CIO should be asking when it comes to securing their organisation’s data. With each data […]

Pandemic lessons to enforce long-term IT strategy

The pandemic has been a learning curve for all and businesses have had to evolve in a short space of time. Emma Maslen, VP and GM for EMEA and APAC, Ping Identity, discusses the lessons executives are learning in light of the pandemic and how they’re adapting enterprises to the new normal.  The pandemic has […]

The CISO in 2021: Coping with the not-so-calm after the storm

Keith Bird, Senior Vice President, EMEA, Proofpoint, sheds light on understanding who in an organisation is now most vulnerable to attack, the types of attack they are likely to face – and how everyone, from the CISO to the HR team, has a part to play in keeping those attacks at bay. In the aftermath […]

Data centre security; fighting on two fronts

Data centres are at the heart of technology operations and hold the keys to some of the most confidential information on earth. Nick Smith, Business Development Manager at Genetec, offers some of his best practice advice for addressing the cyber and physical security of data centre facilities today, to ensure data centre leaders remain vigilant. […]

What procedures should data centre leaders have in place to ensure their facilities are physically secure?

Genetec, a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions, has announced that Seagate Technology Holdings, a world leader in data storage and enterprise storage systems, has deployed Genetec Security Center to secure its global campuses and regional offices. At the heart of this large-scale global deployment is the Genetec unified security platform which […]

How to build a more cyber-secure construction industry

CISOs have a responsibility to strategically layer up security across the organisation in order to defend against cyberattacks. Bharat Mistry, Technical Director at Trend Micro, discusses the steps organisations in the construction industry should take to achieve a comprehensive risk-based cybersecurity strategy. Security in the construction industry has always been important, but historically it meant […]

Would criminalising ransomware payments be a positive move for businesses?

Preventing and preparing for ransomware attacks can prove extremely challenging for businesses. Zeki Turedi, CTO EMEA, CrowdStrike, analyses the threat of ransomware and its complex capabilities, and discusses the way forward for businesses and society. When there are difficult problems to solve — like the massive surge in ransomware attacks over the last three to […]

Taking charge of cyberthreats with a modern approach

Andrew Hollister, VP, LogRhythm Labs and Deputy Chief Security Officer (CSO) for EMEA, IMETA, and APJ, discusses one of cybersecurity’s most recent trends which is gaining traction across the board. He explains how XDR technology can be useful for organisations and the benefits it can bring. Extended Detection and Response (XDR) has burst onto the scene […]

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