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Cybereason expert discusses securing the financial sector now and into the future

XDR can be an effective tool for financial services organisations to reverse the attacker advantage and thus avoid any serious damage. Yossi Naar, Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Cybereason, discusses how leading XDR solutions provide an operation-centric approach to detecting and remediating attacks by automatically hunting for specific and anomalous behaviours that other solutions miss. […]

Expert says CISOs need to take lateral movement seriously

CISOs are faced with the challenge of their enterprise-level environments being vulnerable to lateral movement in their networks. Carolyn Crandall, Chief Security Advocate and CMO at Attivo Networks, says most CISOs are familiar with the role lateral movement plays in attacks, but organisations need to back up this knowledge with action. A thief breaking into […]

‘Boundless Cybersecurity’: How SonicWall is helping to uncover unknown threats

SonicWall research has highlighted an upward trend in the frequency of several cyberattack techniques, with malicious actors preying on vulnerabilities created during the pandemic. Osca St Marthe, Executive Director Sales Engineering, EMEA, SonicWall, tells Intelligent CISO’s Jess Phillips how the company’s portfolio of re-architectured solutions and ‘Boundless Cybersecurity’ model is offering advanced solutions to organisations seeking […]

Strategies to ensure cybersecurity aligns with 2021 business objectives

The remote working model has meant more organisations have had to adapt to a hybrid workforce and creating a culture of security while building an updated cybersecurity strategy is critical. Alain Sanchez, EMEA CISO and Senior Evangelist at Fortinet, discusses some key ways to build out a robust cybersecurity plan for a hybrid workforce. Every […]

A pandemic of cyberattacks

Babur Khan, Technical Marketing Engineer – Enterprise Security, A10 Networks, on the rising incidents of cyberattacks. In the first quarter of 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc around the globe. The coronavirus is continuously evolving and presenting new challenges. In addition to the direct effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also saw a […]

Adapting to and preparing for the ‘new normal’

Hadi Jaafarawi, Managing Director – Middle East, Qualys, discusses the ‘new normal’ and how to manage vulnerabilities that this new way of working may present. A hundred years from now, historians will lack sufficient hyperbole to describe 2020. Even now, we are still trying to grasp the enormity of what’s happened. The worst public-health crisis […]

XDR — The future of threat detection and response

Yonatan Striem-Amit, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder at Cybereason, tells us how a strong XDR solution can enable us to regain the upper hand with the ability to detect, correlate and stop attacks in real-time, even across complex, ever-evolving enterprise environments. For businesses across the UAE, and the globe for that matter, one of the […]

In cybersecurity, foundation comes before flash

Rob Putman, Global Manager, Cybersecurity Services at ABB, explains why basic security controls and a well-implemented reference architecture form the foundations of an effective cybersecurity strategy in energies and process industries. If you are in charge of cybersecurity for a production facility, ask yourself the following questions: Do you understand your exposure to cyber-risk? Have […]

Skills shortages are only part of the talent problem facing SOCs

The quality of communication in the workplace has lessened in recent months due to the chaos caused by the pandemic. Richard Cassidy, Senior Director Security Strategy EMEA at Exabeam, considers some of the important foundational factors that can directly impact talent retention in today’s SOC teams and says a strong sense of community and belonging […]

Report finds UK tech sector unprepared for cyberattacks

According to research conducted by the Ponemon Institute and commissioned by Keeper Security, more than half of IT and technology firms in the sector (59%) say their budgets are still insufficient to cover their cybersecurity needs. One year on from emergency lockdown measures that forced UK businesses to rapidly provision remote working tools, most IT […]

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