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11 steps to develop effective ransomware response

Anthony Giandomenico, VP Global Security Consulting, Proactive & Reactive Services, Fortinet, and Aamir Lakhani, Global Security Strategist and Researcher, Fortinet, offer a checklist which suggests how organisations can effectively deal with a ransomware attack.  FortiGuard Labs’ research shows that organisations in almost all areas around the world are possible targets for ransomware attacks. Therefore, it is […]

The security risks of ChatGPT: How businesses can safeguard their data

Though there are many benefits of the new phenomenon that is ChatGPT, it has also caused everyone’s exposure to cybercrime to significantly increase. Florian Malecki, Executive Vice President Marketing, Arcserve, explores the urgent security questions ChatGPT poses and why organisations should invest in solid cybersecurity measures. ChatGPT, developed by the Artificial Intelligence lab, OpenAI, is a […]

How far is threat intelligence data vital to a successful and well-rounded cyber strategy?  

As technology progresses, data breaches continue to skyrocket and this isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. It is predicted that by the end of 2023 the cost of cybercrime is going to hit just under £6.5 trillion. Acquiring threat intelligence data is a primary step in preventing cyberattacks and web scraping should be the […]

The key steps for CIOs to elevate DevSecOps practices

Prashanth Nanjundappa, VP Product Development, Progress, looks deeper into whether CIOs can succeed in overcoming the barriers to making DevSecOps a reality and offers key steps that can help CIOs embed security processes to elevate their DevSecOps practices.  As Digital Transformation continues to gather pace, CIOs are looking for new ways to empower their teams […]

How to be a C-suite mum: Why strong networks are key to leadership success

Sameena Hassam, CEO, Capacitas, tells of her journey in tech and asks how we can provide a platform for women to embrace leadership and unlock the power of the female C-suite professional.  In the ever-changing world of enterprise IT, gender equality is more than a social issue. It can also be a critical business enabler, […]

Confronting the rising tide of ransomware

Ransomware is now commonly referred to as a ‘pandemic’ due to its widespread disruptive nature and its critical capabilities in causing harm to an organisation. Andy Swift, Technical Director of Offensive Security at Six Degrees, discusses practical steps organisations can take to mitigate this growing threat.  The ransomware market is changing fast as established cybercriminals commercialise and […]

Enabling women to rise to the top

Valerie Abend, Global Cyber Strategy Lead at Accenture and Lisa O’Connor, Global R&D Lead for Security at Accenture, offer advice for women aspiring to be CISOs, as well as for management and hiring teams on best practices to support women in achieving their goals.  In 2021, women only held 17% of Fortune 500 CISO positions. The fact […]

How are data centres failing to connect the dots between cyber and physical security?

Nick Smith, Business Development Manager at Genetec, says that in order to secure an organisation against cyberattacks, it should approach security holistically – recognising it as both a business issue and an IT issue and both should work together collaboratively to address it.  As the use of data centres has grown in popularity, so has […]

Cisco unveils latest security trends from Cisco Talos report at GISEC 2023

Ahead of GISEC 2023, Cisco revealed the company’s security insights as observed in the latest Cisco Talosannual report, Cisco Talos: Year in Review 2022. The report delves into several major trends across the threat landscape in 2022, as well as new behaviours from commodity loaders that will continue to be present in 2023 and beyond. “Cybercrime remains a clear and present danger that cannot be ignored, […]

Realising the true value of threat intelligence with Recorded Future

Threat intelligence provides valuable information to organisations about potential threats to their network and helps to identify vulnerabilities that may be exploited by attackers. Emad Faraj, Senior Sales Director – META, Recorded Future, discusses the importance of threat intelligence and how it provides valuable information about potential threats as well as how it is key […]

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