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Is the growth of cybersecurity insurance behind the recent resurgence in ransomware?

Unfortunately for business leaders, ransomware is an ever-growing security issue. Jan van Vliet, VP EMEA, Digital Guardian, considers whether an intended solution to cybercrime has inadvertently contributed to a large part of the ransomware problem. Ransomware has been an ever-present threat to businesses of all shapes and sizes for almost two decades. While it was […]

Airport security achieved through surveillance solutions

Airport security has always been a number one priority and the COVID-19 pandemic creates a greater need to ensure passenger safety. Firas Jadalla, Regional Director for the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) at Genetec, explains how airports can increase security through surveillance solutions. Keeping passengers safe has always been an airport’s number one priority […]

Watertight security evolves from vigilance

As password protection is as dominant a subject as ever in the cybersecurity space, we asked industry experts how they would advise staying secure in a password-driven society, particularly as COVID-19 has meant a spike in cyberattacks. Passwords: so simple, yet so effective. They have been regularly used for so many years that it’s hard […]

Cultivating a successful risk management strategy for secure operations

Assessing and addressing risk is essential to the role of a CISO as well as being a core factor in minimising disruption to business operations. Martin Redmond assists CIOs and CISOs with implementing relative controls outlined in their frameworks, and he is currently doing this for John Deere Financial. Martin Redmond is CEO of Analytic […]

Matrix42 on why UEBA offers a smart approach to enhanced IT security

To prevent cyberattacks, companies often rely on ‘whitelist’ and ‘blacklist’ methods. While this method has its benefits and can adequately protect systems, the price is high. This list management can be clunky and time-consuming for the IT department and has limited operational benefits. An intelligent approach which bolsters security while enabling operational efficiencies is required […]

Balancing act: Optimising customer engagement while increasing fraud prevention

Every industry must make it a priority to mitigate against fraud, but particularly the banking and finance sector. Mzukisi Rusi, Head of Technology Delivery, Entersekt, tells us why businesses within this sector must build trust and loyalty with their customers in order to remain competitive and to allow the banks to prevent fraud in a […]

The real cost of fighting the insider threat

Detecting an insider threat can prove one of the biggest challenges within the cybersecurity realm. Adenike Cosgrove, Cybersecurity Strategy, International at Proofpoint, explores the impact of an insider threat across an organisation and how to avoid being left with a hefty bill. Insider threats are on the rise: up 47% year-on-year, in fact. And organisations […]

The journey to AI – fast and full of blind spots

With any new technology such as AI and ML, it is tempting to jump on the bandwagon and test it out before taking a step back to analyse potential risks. Rachel Roumeliotis, Vice President of Content Strategy at O’Reilly, discusses why this is important and why we should consider adopting best practices to address potential […]

How can businesses bolster cyberdefences in light of Coronavirus?

As the shift to 100% remote working during the COVID-19 crisis increases the likelihood of a cyber breach, experts reveal how businesses can improve their cyber defences to prepare and protect. Amit Serper, Vice President of Security Strategy and Principal Researcher at Cybereason: “In every corner of the world, COVID-19 has had an impact. During […]

Security in a multi-cloud environment

Paul Nicholson, Director of Product Marketing, A10 Networks, discusses why businesses are initially implementing multi-cloud environments, not to mention how they can accidentally find themselves in a complex multi-cloud set up if Digital Transformation happens on an ad-hoc basis. Nicholson highlights the importance of including security into a multi-cloud strategy, with so many factors potentially […]

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