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Why cybersecurity will set businesses apart in 2021

As the opportunities for cybercriminals are ever-expanding due to the effects of COVID-19, AT&T Business surveyed 800 cybersecurity experts across the UK, France and Germany to better understand the cyber risks. John Vladimir Slamecka, Regional President, EMEA, AT&T, explains why adapting quickly is critical to help stop a vulnerability from turning into a catastrophic breach. […]

Looking to the future: Considering the IT trends expected

Stefan Schachinger, Product Manager, Network Security – IoT/OT/ICS at Barracuda, discusses some of the technology trends he expects to develop over the coming year. Recent news about beginning vaccinations gives us hope for a return to our normal lives. But many things have changed in the meantime and many of the changes are going to […]

We must update our cybersecurity best practices to protect the new hybrid workplace

The effects of COVID-19 have forced organisations and their CISOs into making some hard decisions, particularly as the transition to remote working has offered a new dimension to the way we work. Ben Carr, Chief Information Security Officer, Qualys, explains why we must adopt security standards that work well alongside our new routines and the […]

Security strategies and priorities for CIOs and CISOs in Africa

As we begin a new year, CIOs and CISOs across the region are preparing their strategies and identifying new technology trends, particularly when it comes to securing their networks. Perry Hutton, VP – Africa, Fortinet, talks us through what he believes should be the top IT priorities for the C-suite this year, as well as […]

How data centre leaders can ensure robust physical security during COVID-19

The last year has been turbulent in more ways than one, affecting the data centre industry on a whole new level. Security strategies have been reconsidered to ensure robust physical protection of facilities while cyberattackers have demonstrated a more complex approach. Hassan Elbanna, Business Development Manager Middle East, Turkey & Africa (META) at Genetec, tells […]

Editor’s Question: How can business leaders securely manage employees working from home?

Censornet’s recent report, Empowering the People: Critical Security Challenges of 2020, gathers insights from a survey of 300 cybersecurity professionals to explore the reality of security’s role during a global pandemic. A primary component of the report looks at the realities of the remote working culture and includes guidance from industry experts within Censornet for […]

Organisations failing to prepare employees to confront ever-growing cybersecurity threats

A recent survey conducted by Censuswide on behalf of KnowBe4, a provider of security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, finds that the UK workforce is ill-prepared to face today’s expanding cybersecurity threat landscape. Of a thousand recently furloughed employees, 41% admitted that their company had never offered them a security awareness training course, while […]

Gigamon expert on why the human factor matters in cybersecurity – and how to deal with it

As organisations continue to grapple with the ‘new normal’, it’s important that they prioritise their cybersecurity strategies as cyberattackers look to leverage the COVID-19 pandemic for their own malicious gains. Garth Braithwaite, Senior Sales Director, Middle East, Southern Africa & Russia, Gigamon, tells us why enterprises must consider a security approach which couples Zero Trust […]

A CEO’s secrets – Snooping cybercriminals to bring down a WFH CEO

As 2020 comes to an end, there’s a lot of talk surrounding what the future will hold and what technology trends 2021 will have in store for us. Chris Harris, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Technical Director at Thales; and Dr Alex Tarter, Chief Cyber Consultant and CTO at Thales UK, discuss the developments […]

C-suite members predict 2021 technology trends

As we wave goodbye to another year and look ahead to 2021, members of the C-suite predict some of the technology and business trends we should expect to see over the coming year. Nuance Communications, Joe Petro, CTO: “Next year, AI-based security, biometrics and fraud detection will be more important than ever as incidences of […]

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