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Building a human firewall to address insider threats

Creating a strong cybersecurity culture is paramount to the smooth running of a company’s operations, particularly as attacks become more advanced. Renee Tarun, Deputy CISO/Vice President Information Security, Fortinet, discusses the steps for how CISOs can establish a baseline for good cyberhygiene and ensure their employees take cybersecurity seriously. During the first half of 2020, […]

Protecting your company’s cybersecurity against employee behavior and bad actors

We asked industry experts: ‘How can technology leaders ensure the work practices of their colleagues do not put their company’s cybersecurity at risk?’ Here’s what Charles Burger, Global Director of Assureon Solutions at Nexsan,  a StorCentric Company, had to say. Whether it is your data or employees – what has become crystal clear is that today, […]

Why the working from home economy is accelerating an overdue shift to people-centric security

The pandemic has forced organisations and their employees to adapt to more remote ways of working and it’s up to CISOs to ensure this is done with security in mind to avoid being exploited by cybercriminals. Andrew Rose, Resident CISO for EMEA at Proofpoint, discusses some of the current and developing cyber-risks, and how to […]

Spike in cloud attacks shows businesses were not prepared to work from home

COVID-19 has brought about a work from home culture that is now the norm. Employees have therefore had to adapt and get to grips with the technologies they’re working with. Ryan Trost, CTO and Co-Founder of ThreatQuotient, discusses the importance of investing time and money into giving employees the know-how when transitioning to a new […]

Building an organisation-wide cybersecurity culture requires a radical shift in thinking

Stephen Roostan, VP EMEA at Kenna Security, explains why every question from your CEO is an opportunity to shape the security culture in your organisation, and how adopting a risk-based vulnerability management mindset offers the best opportunity for success. When it comes to an organisation’s data security, what should a CISO’s top priority be, both […]

Ensuring secure data centre operations and avoiding cyberattacks

Alex Tarter, Chief Cyber Consultant and CTO, Thales, and Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director, Vectra, discuss the different variables that contribute to secure operations in the data centre sector, and how effective detection and response can be the difference between a contained security incident or an organisational damaging breach. The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way […]

How can data centre leaders ensure they operate securely and avoid cyberattacks?

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way many industries operate and yet there is still great demand within the IT sector, particularly as the surge in data puts pressure on the need for data centres. However, Alex Tarter, Chief Cyber Consultant and CTO, Thales, says that even before the pandemic, cloud adoption was reshaping the […]

Managing competing demands of development velocity and application security

Software tools are constantly offering new ways of working which enable organisations to compete. Patrick Carey, Director of Product Marketing at Synopsys, says that as the shape of software development continues to evolve, so too must the mechanisms to secure it. The first software development team I worked on operated on the follow mantra: Make […]

How automation makes mainframe security and compliance easier for CIOs and CISOs

Ray Overby, CTO and co-founder of Key Resources, tells Intelligent CIO that CIOs and CISOs who surround themselves with the right support can make up for their own gaps in mainframe knowledge while building a more automated and effective mainframe security estate. Several years ago, the CIO at a major insurance company based in North […]

How security impacts developments in the energy sector

Raj Samani, Chief Scientist and Fellow at McAfee, shares his wealth of knowledge and best practice advice on how organisations can ensure they are protecting their operations and managing risk in the energy supply chain, and how to best detect and avoid breaches. Given its major role in the nation’s infrastructure, what unique challenges does […]

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