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Securing the hybrid cloud: What skills do you need?

Hybrid cloud models offer many well-documented benefits, but they also introduce more complexity for securing data and applications across the enterprise. And this added complexity requires an increasingly diverse skill set for security teams. That’s a challenge, considering the growing cybersecurity skills shortage. In one recent study, 46% of organisations said they have a “problematic shortage” […]

Threat actor ‘StrongPity’ lures users in search of encryption

A stealthy threat actor known as StrongPity has spent the summer luring users of encryption software to its watering holes and infected installers, according to a recent report by Kaspersky Lab. Users in Italy and Belgium were hardest hit, but people in Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East were also affected. StrongPity is a […]

One DDoS attack can cost up to and over $1.6 million

According to the Corporate IT Security Risks 2016 study conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International among more than 4,000 representatives from 25 countries including the UAE, a single DDoS attack can cost a company up to over $1.6 million, though that figure depends to a large extent on how quickly the attack is detected. […]

Industrialisation of cyber crime disrupting digital enterprises

Only a fifth of IT decision-makers in large multinational corporations are confident that their organisation is fully prepared against the threat of cyber criminals. The vast majority of companies feel constrained by regulation, available resources and a dependence on third parties when responding to attacks, according to new research from BT and KPMG. The report, […]

Security analytics – Does your security operations need it?

I frequently get asked by clients whether they should invest in security analytics projects. Over a period of time, I have built up a conceptual framework to put security analytics in the context of overall security operations. Although there are many areas for applying analytics, including risk and compliance or vulnerability management, I will concentrate […]

Policy management to reinforce a robust security platform

Navigating the landscape of enterprise security can be daunting – the threats typically fly under the radar, and the broad array of malware, hacks and data theft shows real innovation. Worse, the level of malicious sophistication is also on the upswing. In tandem, corporate users enjoy communicating, computing and transacting business on a variety of […]

The contours of a successful encryption strategy

Data is the new age currency and extremely valuable to organisations. However, there is somebody else who also has an eye on this data – the cybercriminal. While you leverage the potential of your organisational data to drive business growth, the cybercriminal sees your data as a money making opportunity. He wants to grab your […]

Ensuring an always-on business during the holiday season

With the vacation season approaching in the Middle East, employees in the region are looking to either fly back to their home countries or to holiday destinations with cooler climes. This does not mean, however, that expectations of continuous access to applications, services and data should be lowered. In fact, times when staff resources are […]

Understanding the common motives behind DDoS cyber attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks continue to be one of the most prevalent methods hackers use to disrupt businesses. Involving the use of multiple systems (personal computers, smartphones, etc.), DDoS attacks overload an organisation’s network by generating web traffic that can’t be accommodated by the system’s capacity limits. Unlike with other forms of cyber attacks, DDoS […]

Can you afford $500 per minute of internet downtime?

Many organisations have no clue how much one minute of internet downtime costs them, or haven’t stopped to think about it, says Tom Beinkowski, Director of Product Marketing at Arbor Networks. As a result, they greatly underestimate the impact of one of the most common causes of downtime – DDoS attacks. Almost every organisation now depends on the […]

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