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Preparing for smokescreen DDoS attacks

The threat landscape is more complex than ever, and establishing a cyber-security strategy in 2016 entails accounting for a number of different factors. Hackers will employ a variety of techniques to achieve their goals. In order to establish a viable defence, enterprises and VARs must select the necessary technology for countering different forms of attacks, […]

An integrated approach to the security threat defence lifecycle

Attackers today use multiple techniques to penetrate an organisations’ infrastructure and compromise their vital data assets or systems. In the opinion of Raj Samani, VP and CTO at Intel Security EMEA, this problem has only been exasperated with the proliferation of the cloud and IoT and today’s targeted multiphase attacks consist of a series of steps […]

Kaspersky Lab finds security weaknesses in Health IT

A Kaspersky Lab Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) expert has conducted real field research at one private clinic in an attempt to explore its security weaknesses and how to address them. Vulnerabilities were found in medical devices that opened a door for cybercriminals to access the personal data of patients, as well as their […]

Preventing DNS-based data exfiltration

Theft of sensitive or regulated data and intellectual property is one of the most serious risks to an enterprise. DNS is frequently used as a pathway for data exfiltration, because it is not inspected by common security products such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDSs), and proxies, writes Cherif Sleiman, General Manager, Middle East at Infoblox. […]

Securing infrastructure and data from DNS-based threats

DNS, or Domain Name System, is the protocol used for converting fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) like into machine-usable IP addresses that computers use to communicate with each other. Without a working DNS protocol, it would be almost impossible to have an Internet of Things that communicate with each other and organizations would not […]

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