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Kaspersky updates decryption tool to fight ransomware pair

Kaspersky has updated its RakhniDecryptor tool to allow users whose files were encrypted by Yatron and FortuneCrypt ransomware to retrieve their data without paying a ransom. The updated tool is available on the website. Yatron and FortuneCrypt are typical examples of this kind of malware. Yatron is the part of a so called ransomware-as-a-service […]

F5 Labs finds ‘formjacking’ soars as hackers hit consumers at checkout

Online forms such as login pages and shopping baskets are increasingly hijacked by cybercriminals hunting for personal financial information (PFI), according to new research from F5 Labs. F5 Labs’ Application Report 2019 examined 760 breach reports and discovered that formjacking, which siphons data from the customer’s web browser to an attacker-controlled location, remains one of […]

SophosLabs Uncut releases detailed malware analysis of new ransomware called MegaCortex

According to Sophos, a global leader in endpoint and network security, MegaCortex was a relatively little-seen malware that suddenly spiked in volume on May 1. Sophos has seen MegaCortex detections in the US, Canada, Argentina, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Australia. The ransomware has manual components similar to Ryuk and BitPaymer, but the […]

Kaspersky Lab reveals analysis of MuddyWater cyberespionage group

Kaspersky Lab has revealed how the cyberweapons used by Middle Eastern cyberespionage group, MuddyWater, reveal multiple ‘false flag’ attempts to point the finger of attribution at Chinese, Russian, Turkish and KSA threat actors and confuse security researchers and the authorities. MuddyWater is an advanced threat actor that first surfaced in 2017. In October 2018, Kaspersky […]

ManageEngine adds user and entity behaviour analytics to SIEM solution

ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, has announced that it has introduced user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) into its SIEM solution, Log360. With score-based risk assessment, threat corroboration, anomaly detection powered by Machine Learning, and other new capabilities, the Log360 UEBA add-on helps security professionals identify, qualify, and investigate internal threats and anomalies by extracting more information […]

Bromium warns of malicious email attachments in run up to Christmas

Bromium, a pioneer and leader in application isolation and containment for endpoint protection that stops advanced malware attacks, has warned organisations of the threat posed by hackers delivering malware via email attachments in the run up to Christmas. This comes after Bromium recorded a spike in the number of malicious files sent via email from […]

Check Point announces general availability of CloudGuard SaaS

Check Point has announced the general availability of CloudGuard SaaS, an industry-first cloud suite designed to prevent sophisticated security threats that target SaaS applications. One of the latest additions to Check Point’s CloudGuard portfolio of cloud security products, CloudGuard SaaS protects enterprises that use SaaS applications and cloud-based email (including Office 365, GSuite and OneDrive), […]

Sophos provides insights into emerging trends in 2019 Threat Report

Sophos has launched its 2019 Threat Report, providing insights into emerging and evolving cybersecurity trends. The report, produced by SophosLabs researchers, explores changes in the threat landscape over the past 12 months, uncovering trends and how they are expected to impact cybersecurity in 2019. In the report, Joe Levy, CTO, Sophos, said: “The threat landscape is undoubtedly evolving; less […]

ESET researchers detect first UEFI rootkit in cyberattack

ESET researchers have discovered a cyberattack that used a UEFI rootkit to establish a presence on the victims’ computers. Dubbed LoJax by ESET, this rootkit was part of a campaign run by the infamous Sednit group against several high-profile targets in central and Eastern Europe and is the first-ever publicly known attack of this kind. […]

Kaspersky Lab reveals latest research on botnet activity

Kaspersky Lab researchers have published a report on botnet activity in the first half of 2018, analysing more than 150 malware families and their modifications circulating through 60,000 botnets around the world. One of the most remarkable things uncovered by the research was growing international demand for multifunctional malware that is not designed for specific […]

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