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Honda confirms cyberattack which brought parts of its operations to a standstill

Honda has confirmed a cyberattack that brought parts of its global operations to a standstill. The company said in a statement to the BBC on Tuesday that the attack took place on the Honda network on an internal server and that the problem was affecting its ability to access its computer servers, use email and otherwise […]

NTT report reveals UK manufacturing as most attacked industry

Attackers have been using the COVID-19 pandemic to launch new attacks on organisations. Cybercriminals are evolving their tradecraft with new innovations and increasingly automating their attacks, according to the 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) launched by NTT, a world-leading global technology services provider. In the UK and Ireland, manufacturing became the most attacked sector, […]

Forescout expert on why visibility is the backbone of security

While the convergence of IT and OT networks has clear business benefits, it also introduces new security risks. Hamed Diab, Regional VP of MENA, Forescout which is based in California, tells us about the importance of visibility in securing these environments, as well as how CISOs can take steps to strengthen their current IT-OT security […]

Cultivating a successful risk management strategy for secure operations

Assessing and addressing risk is essential to the role of a CISO as well as being a core factor in minimising disruption to business operations. Martin Redmond assists CIOs and CISOs with implementing relative controls outlined in their frameworks, and he is currently doing this for John Deere Financial. Martin Redmond is CEO of Analytic […]

Nozomi Networks and Deloitte announce EMEA partnership

Deloitte’s EMEA Cybersphere Center and Nozomi Networks, a leader in OT and IoT security, have announced a partnership to address growing EMEA demand for managed security services and solutions designed to holistically address IT, OT and IoT cybersecurity requirements. Deloitte will offer Nozomi Networks’ advanced solutions for OT and IoT visibility, operations monitoring and threat […]

Collaborative approach to cybersecurity in a converged IT/OT environment

The road to the future is filled with potential cybersecurity challenges – and these are only exacerbated by the longstanding divergence between IT and OT security teams. Antoine D’Haussy, BD Director EMEA of OT, Fortinet, explains how to take a collaborative approach to cybersecurity in a converged IT/OT environment. In industry, technical evolutions are transforming […]

Are you overlooking this key source of safety and security in your warehouse?

Hozefa Saylawala, Middle East Director, Zebra Technologies, discusses the need for manufacturing businesses to keep on top of their security game with up to date protocols for workers, in order to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. You may use a number of different technologies to help improve the safety and security of your warehousing operations, […]

Making security a strategic imperative for manufacturing

As manufacturers look to modernise their plants and transform, new avenues for cyberattacks have opened, making security a top priority. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have enhanced traditional building automation and management systems. The growing connectivity of devices and automated systems improving building and facility operations have made it essential to have a long-term strategy […]

Protecting the manufacturing industry from mobile phishing attacks

The rapidly rising reliance on mobile phones in the workplace has facilitated an increased cybersecurity threat from malicious phone hackers that many manufacturers are not equipped to handle. Tom Davison, EMEA Technical Director at Lookout, outlines the steps that both individuals and businesses must take to ensure the security of their most valuable assets, with […]

Nozomi Networks expert on securing OT and critical national infrastructure

Ongoing digitalisation has introduced new risks to historically ‘secure’ industrial networks. This convergence of IT and OT – and the potentially catastrophic consequences should a hacker gain access to critical national infrastructure – requires a fresh approach to cybersecurity. Here Marcus Josefsson, Director – Middle East, Africa and Russia at Nozomi Networks, tells us about […]

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