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80% of education providers hit with ransomware last year, Biden administration responds

As the 2023 academic year kicks off, schools across the globe are facing an escalating cybersecurity crisis, the Atlas VPN team reports. Data shows the education sector is the most targeted industry by cybercriminals, primarily motivated by the high percentage of schools choosing to pay the ransom. A recent Sophos survey of 3,000 IT and […]

MGM Resorts announces it has been victim of a cyberattack

MGM Resorts recently announced it has been the victim of a malicious cyberattack. The organisation published a statement on its website: ‘MGM Resorts recently identified a cybersecurity issue affecting certain of the company’s systems. Promptly after detecting the issue, we began an investigation with assistance from leading external cybersecurity experts. We also notified law enforcement […]

St. Luke’s safeguards millions of patient records with Rubrik

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security Company, has announced that St. Luke’s University Health Network (St. Luke’s) replaced its legacy backup vendor with Rubrik to support its shift to the cloud and achieve cyber-resilience. Relying on Rubrik Security Cloud, St. Luke’s can now recover from cyberattacks within minutes or hours, as opposed to months. St. Luke’s is […]

Utimaco research finds a low level of trust for IoT devices

Utimaco – a leading global provider of IT security solutions that is celebrating its 40th year pioneering trusted cybersecurity and compliance solutions and services to its customers across the globe – has released new consumer research that has found a low level of trust around Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This has highlighted the need […]

EU countries seal data transfer deal with United States

The EU’s new transatlantic data transfer deal with the US has been signed off by the 27 EU Member States, ending three years of legal uncertainty. By finally ratifying the European Commission’s adequacy decision, national governments formally approved the new EU-US Data Privacy Framework, which the Commission has adopted. The decision means that EU and US businesses […]

Center for Internet Security and CREST join forces to secure organisations globally

The Center for Internet Security has announced the launch of a joint initiative with CREST, an international not-for-profit accreditation and certification body, to help advance security and resilience to achieve better global cybersecurity. As cyber threats continue to escalate to unprecedented levels globally, CIS and CREST are launching the CIS Controls Accreditation programme to provide organisations […]

Panaseer report finds cybersecurity teams need 40% budget increase to restore confidence in security posture

Panaseer, a leader in security posture management powered by Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM), has launched its report, Optimizing cybersecurity: Striking the balance between people and technology, for 2023. The survey of over 400 cybersecurity decision-makers and practitioners across the US and UK identified nearly one-third have concerns about a lack of security skills and lack of security training […]

Reclaiming data privacy: Empowering users in the age of social media

Kaus Phaltankar, CEO and Co-founder of Caveonix, believes that the lack of privacy concern in the US is because most consumers aren’t aware of how their personal data is being used across social platforms – and they don’t realise it until it has a direct impact on them. Here he draws attention to the alarming reality of data privacy and the ways […]

Data security: Why the responsibility sits with the C-suite

Simon Pamplin, CTO at Certes Networks, discusses why data security needs to be at the top of the C-suite’s agenda, the importance from a network and data security perspective and the repercussions of a data breach to the C-suite and the personal ramifications should a breach occur.  Data has become the most valuable asset for […]

FTC warns about misuses of biometric information and harm to consumers

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning that the increasing use of consumers’ biometric information and related technologies, including those powered by Machine Learning, raises significant consumer privacy and data security concerns and the potential for bias and discrimination. Biometric information refers to data that depict or describe physical, biological, or behavioural traits, characteristics, […]

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