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Atos and McAfee accelerate and secure progress

Atos and McAfee accelerate and secure progress

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Atos is a €12 billion company with 100,000 employees in 72 countries. Security is of paramount
importance to Atos’ many global customers, one of whom is the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Since Atos’ customers depend on it for delivery of a very wide variety of IT services, many of which are business- critical, security must be an integral part of Atos’ services.

Atos has partnered with McAfee for many years and now successfully delivers core security services
based on McAfee solutions such as endpoint protection, gateway security and SIEM to dozens of
customers all across the globe. Guided by this experience, Atos has developed the core processes
and expertise to deliver McAfee offerings as a reliable, 24/7 managed security service.

With McAfee as a partner, Atos continues to innovate to the benefit of our mutual customers as
outlined in the example below.

Threat detection and the intersection of Big Data and security services

With the growing complexity and volume of threats, a new approach to cybersecurity is required. Now, Atos provides customers with a cloud-delivered prescriptive security service that instantly remediates threats across global enterprises. This centrally managed service continually learns and orchestrates automated security actions to quickly resolve current, and anticipate future threats. By prescribing action in machine time, the service enables global enterprises to deliver trusted consistent service, ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

The technologies integrate as a single global system, through the McAfee ePO management console and McAfee’s open application framework, the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL). It unifies endpoint security, data protection, and web security controls along with existing security investments, in a robustly managed ecosystem.

By combining the massive processing power of Atos enterprise class servers, bullion, with the open framework of DXL, Atos offers the first prescriptive-security service adept at thwarting attacks before they happen.

A trusted partnership

So why partner with McAfee for their security managed services offering? Because Atos needed a partner with McAfee’s pedigree and as committed as Atos to innovation. Stephen Shibel, SVP Big Data & Cyber Security, believes that today, customers need to provide more sophisticated security but with fewer resources.

Atos enables our clients to do more security with less. Our service provides prescriptive security instantly across the globe through a combination of machine learning, Big Data analytics, and orchestration whilst also lowering total cost of ownership.

And just in time as Chris Moret, Vice-President CyberSecurity, points out, ‘Today’s newest threats require a new approach to security, and Atos is able to deliver that by combining machine learning, enterprise class bullion servers, and McAfee’s global leading security products. A combination of capabilities is required.’

The managed service experience

Atos partnered with McAfee because McAfee was the only security vendor that offered a model that can scale easily, streamline efficiently and be effectively managed through a single console. The open security artchitecture even allows non-McAfee security products to plug into and benefit from the adaptive learning cycle.

Chris Moret added, “Businesses are looking for freedom and agility despite the numerous threats out there. They must strive for growth no matter how dangerous the environment. Atos helps them do just that.”

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