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Genetec: Physical security is ‘speeding towards the cloud’

The adoption of cloud for physical security is accelerating after a decade of gradual progress, the Genetec Global Press Summit 2024 heard. Presenting Genetec’s State of Physical Security 2024 report, Andrew Elvish, Vice President Marketing, Genetec, told the event at Genetec’s DCXC suite, Washington DC, that the 2023 survey showed 44% of end users indicating […]

What strategies can organisations implement to defend against social engineering attacks and why is it important to educate all parties involved?

According to GlobalData’s Advisory Report, 2024 Enterprise Predictions: Secure by Design, cybercriminals are predicted to be quick to innovate and improve their use of methods like social engineering and deceptive practices. In this digital era, innovation is often poised as a pinnacle of technology evolution. However, as quickly as decision-makers are willing to invest time, […]

C-level insights: Nisha Rani, CISO at Emirates Leisure Retail

Nisha Rani, CISO at Emirates Leisure Retail, tells us how she cultivates leadership within her cybersecurity team and navigates the challenges facing cybersecurity leaders.  How do you cultivate leadership within your cybersecurity team and foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation in cybersecurity practices? To cultivate leadership and promote a culture of continuous learning […]

Go Phish: Stuart Jubb, Group Managing Director, Crossword Cybersecurity

On the lighter side of things, we Go Phishing with Stuart Jubb, Group Managing Director, Crossword Cybersecurity, about what makes him tick. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry? This would definitely be being part of the founding team at Crossword. It’s been such a hugely memorable experience growing the […]

Ten most common web security vulnerabilities

Andre Reitenbach, CEO, Gcore, highlights the weaknesses that organisations may become susceptible to if thorough cybersecurity is neglected, and discourages complacency among developing cyberthreat tactics. As our reliance on websites and applications has grown, so too have the security stakes for organisations. Cyberattacks are increasing and companies need to be hyperaware of the potential web […]

BeyondTrust’s Cybersecurity and Technology Predictions for 2024

Morey Haber, Chief Security Officer (CSO) at BeyondTrust, shares his predictions on the adoption of AI, which also leading to a significant transformation of the cyber threat landscape. It’s a moment to offer informed insights into what the technology and cybersecurity landscape may hold in 2024. The preceding year witnessed notable technological progress, particularly in […]

FIDO Alliance – Predictions 2024

Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director/CMO, FIDO Alliance on cybersecurity over the coming year. 1. AI will drive cyber attacks – but not how people expect “Deepfake technology and AI-powered malware will continue to evolve but account for relatively few data breaches in 2024. Businesses and individuals already fall victim to social engineering and phishing en masse […]

Valimail – 2024 Predictions

Valimail’s Alexander Garcia-Tobar and Seth Blank outline a dramatic escalation in AI-fuelled disinformation and sophisticated cyber threats – especially during the US election. With disinformation spreading more rapidly due to advanced AI tools, email authentication will become critical to safeguard against false narratives. The election season will likely see intensified information attacks, highlighting the need […]

What emerging trends do you anticipate for the year ahead and what underlying factors are driving these expectations?

In the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, foresight is key to staying ahead of emerging threats and safeguarding our digital future. As we approach the dawn of a new year, we turn to preeminent voices in the field to peer into the crystal ball of technology. From the rise of sophisticated cyberthreats to the transformative impact […]

Six cybersecurity trends and predictions for 2024

A ‘pick six’ from Mickey Boodaei, CEO & Co-Founder, Transmit Security, that explains why identity threats can no longer be ignored. 1. Trend: Generative AI is enabling fraudsters to create more deceptive phishing campaigns, deepfakes and cyberthreats that evade standard detection methods. Proof: FraudGPT is a real service (among others) on the dark web, giving […]

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