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Ransomware attacks double in municipalities, healthcare, education

Barracuda Networks, provider of cloud-first security solutions, published its Fifth Annual Threat Spotlight on Ransomware. The new report looks at ransomware attack patterns that occurred between August 2022 and July 2023. Barracuda researchers analysed 175 publicly reported successful ransomware attacks across the world between August 2022 and July 2023, and in the primary categories Barracuda […]

Sophos uncovers new connections between Hive, Royal and Black Basta ransomware

Sophos, a global leader in innovating and delivering Cybersecurity-as-a-Service, has released new findings into the connections between the most prominent ransomware groups this past year, including Royal, in its report, Clustering Attacker Behavior Reveals Hidden Patterns.  Over the course of three months beginning in January 2023, Sophos X-Ops investigated four different ransomware attacks – one involving Hive, two by Royal and one by Black Basta – and noticed distinct similarities between the attacks. Despite Royal […]

Enterprises to spend US$12.9 billion on private 5G network security by 2023

Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader, has announced new research revealing that most enterprises invest 5-10% of their IT budgets specifically on private 5G network security, despite an assumption that the technology is secure by default.  “When it comes to private 5G network technology, there’s no such thing as ‘secure by default’, so it’s reassuring […]

Redefining network security with SDP

Don Boxley, CEO and Co-founder, DH2i, highlights the severe risk of relying upon a VPN security system and offers some compelling motives to transition to a cutting-edge Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) solution. Once hailed as a groundbreaking leap forward in IT security, the virtual private network (VPN) reached its peak in the mid-90s, around 1996. However, […]

Material cybersecurity breaches on the decline as security culture improves

The 10th annual Information Security Maturity report from ClubCISO surveyed 182 members of the ClubCISO community. The feedback from respondents – in the most senior information and cybersecurity positions at their respective organisations – concludes that strong security is now considered a key corporate capability largely believed to be down to the voice CISOs have […]

Cloud cybersecurity best practices for CISOs and CIOs

With the cloud now widely adopted, many still appear to be unaware of the vulnerabilities they’re encountering and the steps to take to prevent them. Amit Tailor, Director, Systems Engineering, Palo Alto Networks, says that cloud security is possible but will only be achieved by taking systematic steps to strengthen your cloud cybersecurity posture.  It’s undeniable that rapid cloud […]

Breaking down the complexity of cybersecurity

Communication is key in all walks of life but particularly when it comes to articulating cybersecurity investment. Richard Sorosina, CTSO ANZ, Qualys, discusses the importance of the language used within cybersecurity to foster effective communication around the value of technology tools for mitigating risk. The ever-evolving landscape of digital threats and the intricate nature of […]

Selling physical security systems to the C-suite

Wissam Acra, Regional Sales Director of Genetec, discusses how to establish your vision for a unified physical security solution and how to take a strategic approach to presenting your proposal to C-suite executives. When it comes to budgeting, physical security technology has been historically regarded as a sunk cost, an operational necessity focused on protecting […]

Panaseer report finds cybersecurity teams need 40% budget increase to restore confidence in security posture

Panaseer, a leader in security posture management powered by Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM), has launched its report, Optimizing cybersecurity: Striking the balance between people and technology, for 2023. The survey of over 400 cybersecurity decision-makers and practitioners across the US and UK identified nearly one-third have concerns about a lack of security skills and lack of security training […]

Trellix detects China-affiliated APT groups behind most nation-state threat activity 

Trellix, a cybersecurity company delivering the future of extended detection and response (XDR), has released the June 2023 edition of The CyberThreat Report from the Trellix Advanced Research Center which analyses cybersecurity trends from the last quarter. Insights were gleaned from a global network of expert researchers who analyse over 30 million detections of malicious samples daily. Combined telemetry […]

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