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How Zero Trust can lead the battle against ransomware

Sydney-based Ian Farquhar, Field CTO, Gigamon, tells us how in a world where the workforce has shifted significantly to a ‘work anywhere, work anytime’ model, embracing Zero Trust makes sense. Zero Trust has become a well-recognized framework in the cybersecurity world. SecOps teams are championing this ‘trust no-one’ strategy to support the fight against the […]

How to modernize those legacy apps without compromising security

Yaniv Hoffman, Vice President and Managing Director – Radware APJ, tells us how legacy apps can be modernized without security problems. He says: “It is through frictionless security that critical applications can be protected without security getting in the way or generating management overhead.” At a time when Digital Transformation has become central to business, […]

Building trust in a Zero Trust environment

Gil Vega, Chief Information Security Officer at Veeam, asks how companies can effectively navigate Zero Trust without creating friction among employers and employees. A recent study by MITRE and DTEX revealed that despite years of industry efforts against insider threats, there isn’t enough data – or systems advanced enough – to spot all malicious behavior. […]

The CIO’s role in securing cloud environments and simplifying cloud management

Ensuring security in the cloud is of paramount importance in today’s modern working world. Ishpreet Singh, Chief Information Officer, Qualys, discusses some of the ways CIOs can create business value through the cloud and also how they need to prioritise simplifying the management of their cloud environments in a way that aligns with the business’ […]

If achieving effective security is the question … Zero Trust is the answer

Steve Singer, Regional Vice President and ANZ Country Manager, Zscaler, tells us how IT leaders can achieve effective security with Zero Trust. The past two decades have seen astounding progress made in all areas of Information Technology. From the rise of the smartphone and cloud computing to exponential increases in processor and storage capacities, IT’s […]

Expert advice for layering up your defences this World Password Day

The annual World Password Day raises awareness of the importance of having robust and resilient password hygiene practices in place. We hear from various industry experts who discuss best practices for password security. Cian Heasley, Security Consultant at Adarma: “It’s common for people to resort to simple, easy to remember passwords reused across most, if […]

Microsoft, Databricks and other leading giants show data analytics solutions at BYTES 2022

With ASEAN rapidly trying to leverage the potential of data, BYTES 2022 – ASEAN, a two-day virtual summit, provided the necessary platform to the key industry stakeholders and experts to share their vision, insights and collaborate with peers and solution providers to power data-driven organizations. ASEAN, 22nd April, 2022: Amidst skyscraping digitization drives in Southeast […]

Eight guiding principles for Zero Trust in banking and financial services today

Security leaders will be familiar with the term ‘Zero Trust’ – an approach crucial as vulnerabilities and attacks are becoming more damaging to organisations. Hila Meller, BT Vice President Security, Americas, EMEA and APAC, discusses some of the guiding principles for Zero Trust in banking and financial services. When it comes to adopting a Zero […]

The myth of security versus convenience

The ease of access and convenience to workplace systems is often observed as a ‘trade-off’ for security, but according to Rashid Ali, Enterprise Solutions Manager at WALLIX, this is nothing but a myth. Here, he discusses this common misunderstanding in workplace security, in further detail. With the rise of remote working, having access to the […]

Four principles for improving digital supply chain resilience

David Smith, Senior Security Consultant at Evalian, discusses the key considerations for improving supply chain security and ultimately reducing the risk of a supply chain attack impacting your company. Supply chain attacks have become a mainstay in the headlines, with high-profile security incidents like the Kaseya and SolarWinds breaches impacting thousands of organisations worldwide.  A […]

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