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McAfee introduces Unified Cloud Edge Vision and MVISION Insights

McAfee introduces Unified Cloud Edge Vision and MVISION Insights

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McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, has introduced Unified Cloud Edge, an industry first initiative, to address the security concerns of the cloud by converging the capabilities of its award-winning McAfee MVISION Cloud, McAfee Web Gateway, and McAfee Data Loss Prevention offerings.

This convergence enables security professionals to reduce risk and increase productivity for organizations as they move to secure cloud adoption.

According to a recent McAfee study, 81% of organisations have separate management controls for DLP and CASB deployments which can lead to more complexity and lower security efficacy. McAfee is currently delivering on its vision by enabling IT professionals to overcome the challenges of replicating consistent DLP policies across multiple endpoints, networks and cloud solutions.

This is done through the use of cloud-native architecture, built for the enterprise, to set one policy across multiple environments. With a single click, users can investigate security events, run reports from a single repository, and enforce a consistent user experience. Today the vision is beginning to be realised through the convergence of McAfee Web Gateway and McAfee MVISION Cloud, which has led to those solutions sharing risk telemetry to deliver seamless threat prevention and data protection.

“Data and applications have shifted to the cloud, but secure cloud adoption has proved to be elusive for organizations as they struggle with limited security resources along with environments and tools that require news skills for security professionals,” said Anand Ramanathan, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at McAfee.

“The volume of critical enterprise data will continue to grow alongside cloud adoption which will require organisations deploy the right data protection tools while also reducing the complexity of security to more easily help enable increased employee productivity.”

Robyn Westervelt, research director at IDC Data Security Practice, added: “Enterprises are seeking to reduce complex security infrastructure by replacing traditional, on-premises security appliances with cloud-delivered security solutions. The convergence of security solutions that traditionally have functioned independently will improve an organisation’s security posture by creating security defenses that work cohesively to defend against attacks.

“But even more importantly, this convergence will help ease the burden of managing security and compliance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments which is one of the most significant challenges enterprises face today.”

Meanwhile, McAfee MVISION Insights has been introduced to help organisations move to an action-oriented, proactive security posture by pinpointing threats that matter, offering insights into the effectiveness of their defenses and providing the ability to respond quickly and accurately to these threats. Security teams will soon be able to utilise the data gathered by McAfee from more than one billion sensors worldwide correlated with their own threat data to provide the information needed to battle threats targeting their systems and data, while also preemptively preparing defenses against threats even before they are seen in their environments.

“In today’s evolving threat landscape, security professionals need to understand whether their organization is at risk, what specific threats they are susceptible to, and how they can preempt the attack,” said Ash Kulkarni, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer of the Enterprise Business Group at McAfee.

“MVISION Insights will provide the analytics to enable organisations to recognise the threats they will need to immediately take action against, and threats that could potentially impact them in the future. This proactive approach will significantly enhance cybersecurity effectiveness with faster response times and higher efficiencies.”

With McAfee MVISION Insights, security operators will be able to:

  • Track attacks globally across the entire attack surface (endpoint, network, cloud) – Tailored threat intelligence surfaces campaigns that are most pertinent, and automatically correlates local and global threat intelligence by geography and industry to find attacks that are most likely to target their organisation
  • Analyse and prioritise risk so security teams don’t have to – Once an attack has been identified, MVISION Insights prioritises risk by creating a rating of both the actual and potential impact of the threats against current defenses. This enables faster deployment of security resources and an understanding of how similar organisations have responded
  • Proactively defend against attacks most likely to target their organisation – By automatically correlating, ranking, comparing threats and assessing protection capabilities, MVISION Insights can help organisations scale limited security resources by directly enabling actions like isolating systems and remediating with new policy configurations. Actionable insights are piped directly into McAfee MVISION EDR, reducing the effort to investigate campaigns and shifting organisations to a proactive security posture
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