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UAE Internet users try to remove private information from websites

UAE Internet users try to remove private information from websites

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New Kaspersky research has found that consumers around the world want to take more action to protect and maintain control over their personal privacy.

As revealed in the company’s latest report, Defending digital privacy: taking personal protection to the next level, consumers are becoming more aware of where their personal data is available online. In fact, 84% in the UAE say they have tried to remove private information from websites or social media channels. However, a third (33%) have no idea how to go about it.

These findings reveal how protecting the privacy of our personal data and interactions online is to make sure we all continue to benefit from technology. The report, which includes findings from a new consumer survey carried out in 23 countries, examines current consumer attitudes towards online privacy and what steps people are taking to keep private information from falling into the wrong hands.

Consumers have shown that it is not just their private information that they are worried about, but that of their loved ones’ too. For instance, the report reveals that 31% of consumers claim that their personal data or information about their family has become publicly available without their consent.

Such occurrences are pushing consumers into making conscious choices about how and where their personal data is stored, to stop it being viewed or used by others who do not have permission to do so.

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