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Uber confirms second data hack in three months

Uber confirms second data hack in three months

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Automotive giant, Uber, has once again confirmed it has been the victim of a data hack – the second attack to target the company – by third-party vendor, Teqtivity.

Rick Jones, CEO and Co-founder, DigitalXRAID, commented on the news: “It is not uncommon for organisations to be hit more than once. After a first, successful breach it’s likely threat actors will share the details of their attack, alert others to an enterprise’s weak spots, or simply go back themselves if they know it is a lucrative target.

“This latest Uber breach is also a reminder of the threat of the supply chain. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attacks and often leverage back-door entry points through smaller, less cyber-equipped points of the supply chain to gain access to larger third parties. To mitigate against this growing threat, a Security Operations Centre (SOC) – outsourced to security experts if an enterprise doesn’t have the resource inhouse – is crucial to ensure 24/7 threat detection, monitoring and remediation before a successful breach occurs.”

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