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Experts discuss the strategies companies are putting in place to invest in cyberskills

Business leaders are seemingly doing more towards closing the skills gap as the growing demand for cyberskills and a more socially mobile and diverse workforce increases. BAE Systems and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) hosted a CyberFirst event in Manchester and their work to close the gap can be read in more detail here. […]

Scammers exploit new ‘data-leak-compensation’ scheme

Kaspersky experts have detected a new online fraud scheme designed to trick people into thinking they are owed compensation. Under the pretext of offering compensation for personal data leaks, scammers instead urge users to buy ‘temporary US social security numbers’ worth around US$9 each. Victims were found in Russia, Algeria, Egypt and the UAE, as […]

Experts discuss the demand for a DevSecOps approach and its success

Industry experts discuss the benefits of operating with a DevSecOps approach, as oppose to just a DevOps approach. We take a look at what is driving a DevSecOps approach, some of the challenges faced, and how organisations can achieve success. DevSecOps is an abbreviated term for Development Security Operations and is involved in integrating security […]

Mimecast expert gives his cybersecurity trends predictions for 2020

The realities of the negative impact of modern cyber threats arguably hit home for South Africans in 2019 more than any other year in memory. Brian Pinnock, cybersecurity expert at Mimecast, reviews the past year and gives his cybersecurity trends predictions for 2020. The country fell victim to several high-profile breaches, including a successful ransomware […]

South African eatery enhances security thanks to AXIS solution

Matthew Scott-Lyon, a well-known restaurateur and owner of the Big Bad Wolf pizza bar, an upscale eatery in the newly renovated Cedar Square shopping centre in Northern Johannesburg, wanted to provide a safe, aesthetically pleasing culinary delight for his customers in this latest establishment. With the alarming increase in mall and retail store robberies, he […]

Unsecured database exposes sensitive data of British consultancy firms

It has been revealed that an unsecured database has exposed the sensitive data of British consultancy firms. vpnMentor’s research team discovered the breach and found that the sensitive information belonged to the firms as well as thousands of British professionals. The files were found to be stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket which […]

F5 Networks expert on why securing apps and passwords are being ignored

Despite education and constant reminders that security is everyone’s responsibility, Lori MacVittie, Principal Threat Evangelist, F5 Networks, says that the most basic of security practices is being completely ignored when it comes to apps and passwords. “There’s an app for that” has become reality rather than just a catchy marketing phrase. According to a compilation of […]

Qatari conglomerate strengthens networks and enhances security with Sophos

With the Qatari business conglomerate, Al Majed Group, looking for security solutions that could secure its network and protect users from unknown malware, exploits and ransomware, it implemented Sophos Intercept X Advanced and Sophos XG Firewall. It has benefited from synchronised security that automatically responds to incidents on the network with the result that its […]

Expert discusses importance of a well-structured and managed surveillance infrastructure

Firas Jadalla, Regional Director for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META), Genetec, explains how the company’s solution helps to provide security benefits and drives accuracy in data aggregation. Why is a well-structured and managed surveillance infrastructure so important? Selecting an IP surveillance solution is about more than just picking a camera and a VMS. […]

2020: What’s in store for video surveillance?

As cybercrime evolves and people are becoming more aware of threats to businesses, the importance of modernising security systems for protection purposes is clear. Kevin Waterhouse, Managing Director at VCA Technology, explains the physical security and video surveillance trends we should expect to see this year. Video analytics and Artificial Intelligence are making their mark […]

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