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GCCPOL and Kaspersky Lab collaborate for cybersecurity awareness

GCCPOL and Kaspersky Lab collaborate for cybersecurity awareness

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GCCPOL, the organisation which serves as a law enforcement hub for the six countries of the GCC, has hosted a cybersecurity session in collaboration with Kaspersky Lab

GCCPOL, the organisation which serves as a law enforcement hub for the six countries of the GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE), has hosted a cybersecurity session in collaboration with Kaspersky Lab.

The session has created a platform for the exchanging of information and expertise between the two organisations about the latest cyberthreats facing the GCC and wider region.

The objectives of this collaboration were to demonstrate best practices in cyberspace, highlight the importance of securing a workplace environment and illustrate how a security incident can impact organisations.

Given the vital role GCCPOL is playing on in securing the region, participants were also brought up to speed on the latest trends and techniques that cybercriminals use in their attacks.

During the session, Kaspersky Lab experts presented insights on a variety of topics from password management, online behaviour, social media security and online privacy. Experts also highlighted recent trends and attacks observed in the regional cybersecurity landscape, such as targeted attacks, Man-in-the-middle (MitM), spear phishing and more.

“This collaboration is aligned with the strategic vision of GCCPOL to raise the level of regional and international cooperation in fighting crime and particularly supporting and strengthening efforts in combating cybercrime. This session simulated reality for online threats and attacks that GCC countries could face anytime. We value this fruitful collaboration with Kaspersky Lab and believe that our staff will benefit from their experiences and international expertise,” said Colonel Mubarak Said al-Khaili, Director of the GCCPOL.

Kaspersky Lab detects 360,000 new malicious files every day, which is a 11% increase from last year.

This surge in malware detections underpins the company’s mission of educating institutions and users on the numerous threats that they are exposed to. Kaspersky Lab continuously works with entities across all industry sectors to make sure that the next generation of IT professionals are equipped with the best knowledge and technology to protect critical assets of an organisation.

Commenting on the GCCPOL collaboration, Amir Kanaan, Managing Director – META, Kaspersky Lab, said: “At Kaspersky Lab, we believe that well-informed staff is the most important and effective line of defence, although the lack of awareness still remains a worrying reality.

“According to a recent study we conducted with B2B International, only 18% of respondents in the META region are fully aware of the IT security policies and guidelines set in their workplace. Security consciousness and education are essential pillars in combating cybercrime and we are pleased to collaborate with GCCPOL to share expertise and unique experiences.”

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