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Sectigo sponsors Let’s Encrypt to enable certificate transparency

Sectigo sponsors Let’s Encrypt to enable certificate transparency

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Sectigo, a leading commercial certificate authority (CA) and a leader in web security solutions, has announced its sponsorship of Internet Security Research Group’s (ISRG) Let’s Encrypt – a free, automated and open CA run for the public’s benefit.

The sponsorship, which covers a large portion of the funding needed for the non-profit organisation to operate a new certificate transparency (CT) log for one year, aids the broader worldwide security landscape by expanding the number of CT logs available to CAs.

When a CA issues an SSL certificate, it must enter a record for that certificate into two CT logs, providing visibility into what certificates are being issued for specific domain names and adding value for the entire security ecosystem.

The added visibility that comes from certificate transparency helps businesses monitor activity on their own brand names, allows monitoring for phishing using SSL certificates and provides researchers with more information to potentially understand trends and usage patterns across the Internet.

CAs must log their certificates to be trusted by Google Chrome and Apple. The availability of additional CT logs helps ensure that CAs can continue to log new certificates even if one log were to go offline.

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