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Scale Computing announces business resilience solution to help organisations prepare for threats

Scale Computing announces business resilience solution to help organisations prepare for threats

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Scale Computing, a market leader in Edge Computing, virtualisation and hyperconverged solutions, has announced a business resilience solution combining preventative availability and reactive recovery technologies to ensure organisations can keep data, applications and workers online in an increasingly digital world. The ever-present threats we are seeing more of can disrupt ongoing business operations and current investments in Digital Transformation projects.

Built around its highly available HC3 platform, Scale Computing’s Business Resilience Solution brings together server virtualisation, end-user computing, data protection and threat mitigation into a single package. This includes complete Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and remote-work infrastructure with built-in disaster recovery services, enhanced by Scale Computing’s partnership with Acronis to offer best-of-breed ransomware protection and data backup.

In addition, Scale Computing’s partnerships with VDI software providers are shrinking the traditionally high costs of VDI while reducing setup and management complexity. The solution can be sized to support organisations of any size, including small and mid-market businesses that have previously thought VDI too large an investment for their needs.

“We at Horizon Health have been working focused on enabling remote work and virtual desktops as part of our Digital Transformation initiative and when our staff needed to work from home we were prepared. I had a user tell me she was ‘overjoyed’ about being able to see her same desktop from home that she sees at work. For a small hospital, this has been a game-changer,” said Ernest Wallace, Computer Technician, Horizon Health. 

Acronis Cyber Backup provides active ransomware protection features and a full complement of data backup capabilities. The solution actively monitors virtual machines and can detect ransomware attacks as they are occurring and automatically roll back infections in real-time. In addition to ransomware protection, Acronis Cyber Backup provides a powerful solution for data protection and recovery, giving organisations with remote workers the confidence to adapt their infrastructure to current needs.

“It is likely a question of when rather than if an organisation will get hit with a cyberattack, despite its best efforts to avoid it. When an attack does occur, whether it is a data breach or a ransomware attack, it is important to have a plan on how to handle that occurrence. The more quickly an organisation can respond, the less damage they face from the attack. The Scale Computing Business Resilience solution prepares organisations in the face of uncertainty,” said George van Brugge, CEO and Founder, Portland Europe.

“With working environments changing more quickly in recent weeks than ever before, many organisations have had to become incredibly adaptable in enabling their teams to work remotely,” said Jeff Ready, CEO and Co-founder, Scale Computing. “However, with home working now set to become a long-term solution for millions of organisations around the world alongside a massive increase in opportunist cybercrime, there is an urgent need for affordable, high-performance and secure ‘work from anywhere’ infrastructure designed for that purpose. Organisations need to move beyond emergency tech rollouts and take a strategic view of business resilience to protect their workers and data.”

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