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Cyber heroines: Changing the future for African girls

Cyber heroines: Changing the future for African girls

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The 2021 Tomorrow’s Cyber Heroines study undertaken by CyberHeroines, KnowBe4 Africa and Infosphere Limited surveyed around 440 teachers across 14 African countries to unpack the complexities that face African girls in the technology landscape.

With Africa’s future reliant on its ability to adapt to Digital Transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), levelling the playing field for women has become critical.

“We have to give girls more opportunities, inspire them to get involved in technology and the cybersecurity field and to remove the preconceived and socialised ideas that prevent women from pursuing careers in technology,” said Anna Collard, SVP of Content Strategy and Evangelist, KnowBe4 Africa.

A recent study by the Association for Progressive Communications underscored the reality of the gender digital divide. In Africa women have less access to Internet-based technologies than men and they are more limited in their ability to move out from under poverty.

The study found that a lack of education, limited guidance, minimal role models and societal preconceptions are having a serious, long-term impact on women’s careers and futures. With cybersecurity and technology struggling to find skilled people, the market is wide open for those with training. In addition to careers, training and education in technology and cybersecurity is essential for the wellbeing of women in Africa.

The report examines the education curriculum, the challenges facing African girls and it looks at initiatives that can be implemented to shift perceptions and transform the future for the women of Africa.

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