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ForgeRock unlocks path to passwordless for hybrid enterprises moving to the cloud

ForgeRock unlocks path to passwordless for hybrid enterprises moving to the cloud

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ForgeRock, a global leader in digital identity, has announced new features to ForgeRock Identity Cloud to help enterprises overcome the barriers caused by passwords when moving to the cloud with Pass-Through Authentication and Just-in-Time Migration. 

These new features come at a time when many businesses are at a crossroads in their Digital Transformation journeys. Teams must evaluate the best authentication approach that will both maximise security while simultaneously preserving a seamless user experience. For many organisations, maintaining sensitive passwords on-prem while moving other operations to the cloud creates a significant challenge.

“Our customers are telling us they want to move away from passwords and go passwordless. But a move to cloud often means adding more passwords or forcing password resets, which is a bad experience for users,” said Peter Barker, Chief Product Officer, ForgeRock. “With our new pass-through authentication and just-in-time migration capabilities, ForgeRock Identity Cloud empowers enterprises to move to the cloud without the headaches of managing even more passwords and causing customer inconveniences that can erode brand loyalty.”

Here’s what the new features deliver: 

  • Pass-Through Authentication (PTA): Adding another set of passwords in the cloud is cumbersome and expensive. To avoid that, PTA allows customers who are ready to move to the cloud and want to keep their passwords on-premises, to use existing user IDs and passwords by authenticating against any identity store, including Active Directory, LDAP, SQL, or even flat files. This innovative approach also simplifies implementation and reduces associated IT costs.
  • Just-in-Time Migration: Asking customers to reset their passwords often stalls cloud migration projects because organisations fear customers will abandon their service. ForgeRock’s new Just-in-Time Migration feature removes that hurdle by allowing enterprises to migrate to the ForgeRock Identity Cloud without forcing customers to change their passwords. Organisations can also choose to migrate users gradually by department, location or other factors to enable a phased approach to cloud, thereby reducing unnecessary risks during migration. This incremental approach also provides the flexibility to keep the passwords on-premises for organisations that have stricter regulatory or other compliance needs.

ForgeRock Identity Cloud is the only SaaS delivered identity platform purpose-built for the enterprise. Its unique IAM capabilities includes patented data isolation technology that separates each organisation’s identity data to provide superior cloud security.

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