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Anapaya and Extreme Networks to deliver SCiON-enabled switches for Swiss finance industry

Anapaya and Extreme Networks to deliver SCiON-enabled switches for Swiss finance industry

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Anapaya Systems AG has announced its collaboration with Extreme Networks, a cloud-driven networking company based in San Jose, California, to create SCiON-enabled switches for the Swiss finance industry.

The new Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) has been launched by the SIX Group and the Swiss National Bank to further improve the financial system’s resilience against cyber-risks. The project will ensure secure, flexible and resilient data communication between various financial organisations in Switzerland. Extreme Networks offers its advanced, easy-to-deploy and highly secure hardware switches as SCiON gateways for SSFN participants. It will enable participants to access the SSFN without the inconvenience of complex server-based implementation.

“Extreme is a long-standing and trusted partner of Anapaya and we are incredibly pleased to have it involved in this groundbreaking project. Its innovative solutions will further add to the benefits the SSFN provides for users and organisations,” said Martin Bosshardt, CEO, Anapaya. “The fact that Extreme Networks is becoming one of the first networking solutions providers to be SCiON-enabled is also a testament to SCiON’s role in the future of connectivity.”

The SCiON network, on which the SSFN is based, enables custom-design network paths, end-to-end, across multiple carriers globally. This allows users to control where their confidential and valuable data travel, avoid high-risk geopolitical regions and optimise network path selection based on availability, cost, speed, latency and other requirements. SSFN participants will benefit from the any-to-any architecture, immunity to routing attacks, DDoS protection and an even higher degree of data control unavailable from any other solution on the market.

Extreme Networks’ solutions will introduce a level of convenience for SSFN participants at the user level. Extreme Networks’ Integrated Application Hosting uses an innovative combination of operating software and hardware features to provide extended services – such as SCiON – without replacing the existing network infrastructure. Additionally, Extremes’ switches provide enhanced security features, such as secure link encryption, by supporting IEEE 802.1AE MACsec, which encrypts and decrypts network traffic between connected switches.

“At Extreme, we have extensive experience providing the most advanced, powerful and resilient networking solutions to financial organisations across the world, including those in Switzerland,” said Andreas Livert, DACH Senior Regional Director, Extreme Networks. “The fact that Anapaya has partnered with us to create this vital yet highly-sensitive new infrastructure for the Swiss finance industry proves just how advanced, reliable and secure our solutions are – and we are thrilled to support this milestone project.”

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