Illumio and Armis announce joint solution to protect IT and OT networks from breaches

Illumio and Armis announce joint solution to protect IT and OT networks from breaches

Illumio, the Zero Trust Segmentation company, and Armis, a leading asset visibility and security company, have announced a joint solution designed to stop breaches across IT and OT environments.

The solution builds cyber-resilience throughout the hybrid attack surface by delivering comprehensive visibility and asset intelligence across Information Technology (IT), Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) assets, with the ability to stop attacks from spreading across these environments.

The adoption of Industry 4.0 within industrial and critical infrastructure sectors, such as government, manufacturing, energy, banking, transportation and healthcare, also creates new attack vectors for cybercriminals. As these industries see an increase in cyberattacks like ransomware that quickly move across IT and OT environments, organisations need an integrated and proactive approach to security to build resilience to these threats.

Fundamental to this are two key requirements – understanding the flow of data throughout the extended asset attack surface and separating key functions within the network to prevent breaches from spreading to reach critical assets.

The joint solution pulls asset discovery and intelligence data from Armis into a single visualisation in Illumio, giving users a holistic understanding of the type of assets that exist in these environments and the communications happening between them, enabling users to quickly see and identify high-risk communication paths.

Security teams can then easily implement segmentation policies to restrict unauthorised or unnecessary communications between IT, IoT and OT environments and devices. With policy automation, breaches are contained and restricted from lateral movement, minimising their impact.

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