Technology Innovation Institute gears up for impactful participation at GITEX GLOBAL 2022

Technology Innovation Institute gears up for impactful participation at GITEX GLOBAL 2022

Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a leading global scientific research centre and the applied research pillar of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), has announced that three of its 10 research centres will stage innovative future-tech demonstrations at GITEX GLOBAL 2022.

As the Platinum and Lanyard Sponsor of the 42nd edition of the world’s biggest tech show, several of the Institute’s researchers have also confirmed their participation as speakers at key thought sessions taking place at the Cybersecurity, Telecom and Digital Cities X AI Conference Zones during the event.

GITEX GLOBAL will run from October 10-14 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). Visitors to the TII Stand B30 at Hall eight, can experience its innovative showcases first-hand and learn more about the Institute that is considered a key R&D enabler and leading global advanced technology hub in just two years since its inception.

The AI and Digital Science Research Centre (AIDRC) will present its XR UAV Control project to highlight the potential of ultra-reliable communications in transforming the communications paradigm. Through the demo that involves an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone, the AIDRC team will show that it is possible to transport the senses (sights and sounds) with low latency from one point of the planet to another using a 5G public network.

The XR drone features a flight simulator that allows the user to freely fly a drone anywhere. Visitors wearing a VR headset and haptic feedback gloves connected to a 5G modem can view and control a livestream from a drone positioned at a distance. Interestingly, the real-time scenario ensures that they cannot distinguish that what they are experiencing is in fact, taking place a long distance away. This device has promising use cases in search and rescue operations, smart agriculture and drone racing.

The Directed Energy Research Centre is showcasing its acclaimed Ground Penetrating Radar, to emphasise the need to improve current commercial demining processes – especially with landmine detection – to reduce the risk to human lives and property while boosting speed and efficiency.

Comprising an acrylic box filled with different layers of colored sand and gravel, a hollow acrylic pipe in the middle and a pair of Vivaldi antennae (tapered or coplanar broadband antennae) positioned above the acrylic pipe, visitors to the TII stand can try out the GPR simulation themselves. Through inserting small cylindrical objects into the hollow pipe, they can study on a screen the varying impact of each.

Meanwhile, the Autonomous Robotics Research Centre (ARRC) is displaying its Unmanned Ground Vehicle prototype to highlight its capabilities in autonomous navigation from one location to another.

The bunker model has an important use case in search and rescue missions; it can recognise and transport itself to a stranded person through identifying their exact position on a GPS map. When the bunker device is directed to identify point A and point B, it will autonomously navigate these points through a maze.

The Secure Systems Research Centre (SSRC) has developed a video presentation of its Secure Mesh technology that strengthens security across whole infrastructures, making it possible to safeguard all systems and points of access with a unified solution. Visitors can also learn more about the Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity that simply put, eliminates implicit trust and continuously validates every stage of a digital interaction.

Speaking on TII’s robust participation this year, Dr Ray O. Johnson, CEO, TII and ASPIRE, said: “We are delighted with our significant presence at GITEX GLOBAL, often billed as one of the largest tech events in the world.

“Working at the intersection of discovery science and advanced technologies, our research centres have announced, within the last two years, multiple research breakthroughs that give Abu Dhabi and the UAE greater tech sovereignty. Our journey has just begun. Research today is a collaborative field and we look forward to the networking opportunities with the technology world’s leaders to accelerate our breakthroughs in the years to come.”

At the mega event, on October 10, Dr Shreekant ‘Ticky’ Thakkar, Chief Researcher, Secure Systems Research Centre, will present a keynote on ‘E2E Security and Resilience for Autonomous Systems’ at the Cybersecurity Conference Zone at 1.45 pm.

Also on the same day, Dr Chaouki Kasmi, Chief Researcher, Directed Energy Research Centre, will address attendees on the topic ‘Innovation for Humanitarian Purpose’ at 3.10 pm at the Energy Conference Zone. He will narrate the story of GPR and emphasising TII’s commitment to making a difference to the growing number of casualties and countries affected by landmines through reducing the assessment time and boosting operational efficiency.

On Day 2 (October 11), Dr Ray O. Johnson will present a keynote at 11 am on the Mainstage on ‘The Critical Role R&D Plays in Future-proofing a Nation’s Economy’, followed by a Q&A.

Dr Najwa Aaraj, Chief Researcher, Cryptography Research Centre and Acting Chief Researcher, Autonomous Robotics Research Centre, will join a panel discussion on ‘Building Resilience: Response Strategy to Advanced Threats’ at the Cybersecurity Conference Zone at 11am.

Bassem Ouni, Lead Security Researcher at AI and Digital Science Research Centre (AIDRC), will take a ‘Deep Dive into Security and Privacy of the Internet of Things: Challenges, Attacks and Countermeasures’ at the same venue at 12 noon.

Dr Aaraj is also scheduled to join a panel discussion at the same venue at 12.35 pm on the theme ‘Combatting Cyberwarfare: A Clear & Present Danger’.

As part of yet another panel discussion at 12 noon at the Telecom Conference Zone, Prof. Mérouane Debbah, Chief Researcher, AIDRC will share his thoughts on ‘Taking the First Steps towards 6G: Aligning Regulators and Network Providers to Help Build Tomorrow’s Networks’. Jean Pierre Giacalone, Platform Architect at SSRC, is set to present a paper titled ‘A Zero Trust, Secure Mesh Communication System’ at the Cybersecurity Conference Zone at 2.35 pm.

On Day 3 (October 12), Dr Ebtesam Almazrouie, Director, AI Cross-Centre Unit at AIDRC, will join a panel on the theme ‘Interconnectivity and Scalability of Quantum Cities: Not Just for Heathier and Sustainable Living, but for Survival’ at the Digital Cities X AI Conference Zone at 2.20 pm.

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