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Immuta survey reveals data security and access blindspots

Immuta survey reveals data security and access blindspots

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Immuta has announced the findings of its third annual State of Data Engineering Survey, which highlights the top data engineering challenges and blind spots as organisations strive to become more data-driven.

The findings show the tangible impacts of these challenges, including the fact that 89% of organisations report missing business opportunities because of data access bottlenecks.

The survey canvassed 600 data practitioners across the US and EMEA, representing a variety of public and private sector companies.

The need for organisations to be data-driven is more critical than ever in today’s business environment. However, the survey found that this isn’t yet a reality, as organisations reported only using an average of 58% of their data in decision-making.

The report suggests that data security and access challenges are largely to blame, with most data professionals reporting a lack of visibility into data access controls and how they correlate with data security – 90% admit ​​they could improve their understanding of the association between the two. 

“As data moves from on-premises to the cloud, this clear disconnect between data security and access not only hurts organisations’ data-driven initiatives and business outcomes, but also increases their risk of data leaks and breaches,” said Matthew Carroll, CEO of Immuta. 

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