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Sparkle launches SASE Connect for the security of international corporate networks

Sparkle launches SASE Connect for the security of international corporate networks

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Sparkle, one of the first international service providers in Italy and among the top global operators, announces the launch of SASE Connect to improve the security of international corporate networks.

The increasing adoption of remote working and the growing migration of business applications to the cloud requires corporate data, whether hosted in the cloud or in ‘on premise’ systems, to be available to employees regardless of their location, any time and in total security.

Sparkle’s SASE Connect is an innovative suite of fully integrated security and network services that enables secure access to the international corporate network regardless of the physical location of the device and the connection used.

Based on the Secure Access Service Edge1 concept, the solution applies a cloud-based approach to networking and security: the corporate network and its devices are protected from security threats directly at its sources of connection or ‘edges’ rather than at its data centre. As a result, remote workers, IoT devices, branch offices and applications are protected before their traffic reaches a multitude of destinations.

SASE Connect complements and enhances Sparkle’s SD-WAN solution – launched in 2021 and already adopted by several enterprises in the food, manufacturing, fashion, energy and tourism sectors – by providing unique suites for the settlement and management of secure connectivity and a single point of contact for the full service.

Already celebrated by MEF with the ‘Business Impact Award’ for its Proof of Concept on Remote Employee Access to Cloud, Sparkle’s SASE Connect is an optimal solution for enterprises looking for high-performance and secure connectivity perfectly integrated with public and private cloud services worldwide. The solution leverages Sparkle’s state-of-the-art global network for direct and high-speed connectivity to the cloud as well as its Security Operation Centre (SOC) for the continuous monitoring of network traffic and the prevention, detection, analysis and response to cyberthreats.

With the launch of SASE Connect, Sparkle enriches its portfolio of enterprise solutions – including also MPLS, Ethernet, managed SD-WAN, Cloud connect, Multi-cloud automation services, IoT connectivity and telephony services – aimed at connecting enterprises’ international sites and manage communications both within their internal premises and with their external ecosystems.

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