Türk Telekom delivers DDoS protection services for business customers with A10 Networks

Türk Telekom delivers DDoS protection services for business customers with A10 Networks

One of Turkey’s leading integrated telecommunication operators, Türk Telekom, has announced it has deployed A10 Thunder TPS from A10 Networks to deliver DDoS protection services for its business customers. The service is protecting critical infrastructure from DDoS attacks, enhancing service access reliability for subscribers using an on-premises DDoS protection solution from A10 Networks. 

Maintaining security and service availability for business customers

As one of the first ISPs to invest in cybersecurity service offerings in Türkiye, Türk Telekom aims to protect its business customers with a full range of service options. With its hybrid protection model in managing DDoS services, Türk Telekom is the only service provider in Türkiye that provides backbone-level protection against application-layer attacks with its DDoS 7+ services.

In today’s world, where the number of DDoS attacks rise continually at a significant rate, Türk Telekom started offering an advanced DDoS protection solution, capable of separating legitimate traffic from illegitimate, to provide consistent and reliable service availability for customers. With this solution, the company achieved enhanced protection of its own network backbone, automation and high capacity.

 “As a leading cybersecurity service provider in Türkiye, we understand our customers’ needs and improve our product portfolio continuously to ensure strong security and resilient infrastructure with our unique managed security experience,” said Zeynep Özden, Türk Telekom Marketing and Customer Experience Assistant General Manager.

“A10’s superior detection and mitigation capabilities supporting a DDoS scrubbing service, in addition to high performance and scalability, is very attractive to Türk Telekom,” said Dhrupad Trivedi, President and CEO of A10 Networks. “Türk Telekom is protecting its customers’ critical infrastructure from cybersecurity threats and maintaining service availability with a resilient infrastructure built on A10 technology.” 

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