New global cybersecurity institute to harness the potential of Cyberspace

New global cybersecurity institute to harness the potential of Cyberspace

The newly established Global Cybersecurity Forum Institute will address systemic challenges and unlock the many opportunities presented by Cyberspace. It will serve as a space where the world’s key cybersecurity stakeholders will collaborate and advance dialogue and action.  

A new global institute has been established in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, by Royal Decree, in response to the rapid development and continuing evolution of Cyberspace, coupled with the radical changes and transformation it has triggered across all areas of society.

Aiming to unite global action around the shared principles and values, the GCF Institute will tackle the most challenging cybersecurity issues facing governments, businesses and individuals. It will be a catalyst for the exchange of ideas, driving thought leadership and developing research to inform policy solutions and action. In addition, it will also facilitate international projects and partnerships to strengthen existing efforts on key initiatives.

The GCF Institute will serve as a platform to advance stability, security and prosperity of Cyberspace by catalyzing socioeconomic change, pushing knowledge boundaries and uniting global champions. Its objective is to pioneer global initiatives that will maximise the benefits of Cyberspace and build resilience through dialogue, investment, research and innovation. ​

Headquartered in Riyadh, the GCF Institute will be guided by an international Board of Trustees, tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding the institution’s sustainability and independence. In addition, the institute will have an Advisory Council, composed of international experts carefully drawn from the highest echelons of government, academia, think tanks and private sector.

Given the inherently integrated and pervasive nature of Cyberspace, its safe and secure development is a shared global responsibility. The on-going dialogue among key global cybersecurity stakeholders has underscored the need for a new entity that can provide an action-oriented platform, designed to develop solutions to the most pressing issues in Cyberspace. With the launch of the GCF Institute, the global community will be able to count on a new instrument to complement existing efforts and harness the potential of Cyberspace.

Through the Institute, the annual Global Cybersecurity Forum will continue to convene experts and decision-makers from around the world to meet and discuss protecting the most vulnerable in Cyberspace, while maximising its benefits for everyone.

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