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Deep Dive: Bert Skaletski, Resident CISO, EMEA at Proofpoint

In this interview, Arrey Bate speaks to Bert Skaletski, Resident CISO for EMEA at Proofpoint. Bert sheds light on the emergence of identity as the latest attack surface, discusses the concerning indicators of cloud account compromise and emphasizes the criticality of prioritizing Active Directory Security within organizations.

1. Why is identity considered the new attack surface?
2. What are the effects of an account compromise on an organisation’s security?
3. What is cloud account compromise and what are the warning signs of a compromised account?
4. How can organizations effectively protect themselves against account compromise and what’s the best approach to preventing credential and other phishing attacks?
5. Why is Active Directory Security so important and how can organizations prevent and detect AD attacks?
6. What is Proofpoint Threat Protection Platform and what’s your approach in helping organizations prevent account compromise attacks?
7. Multiple reports suggest that AI will enhance account compromise prevention. What’s your take on this?
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