Utimaco research finds a low level of trust for IoT devices

Utimaco research finds a low level of trust for IoT devices

Utimaco – a leading global provider of IT security solutions that is celebrating its 40th year pioneering trusted cybersecurity and compliance solutions and services to its customers across the globe – has released new consumer research that has found a low level of trust around Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This has highlighted the need for more education from the industry into how smart devices are secured with the latest digital security solutions.

The new whitepaper, Circles of Trust 2023: Exploring Consumer Trust in the Digital Society, takes a deep look at how consumers view trust in an increasingly digital world and builds off the success of last year’s research. The 2023 survey expanded the geographical scope from Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom to include thousands of consumers from Mexico, USA and Singapore with a focus on attitudes towards use and security of IoT technology and smart cities.

The research’s general reporting on digital security showed a marked difference between responses from countries with the highest and lowest GDP per capita and those in the centre of the GDP per capita distribution. Put simply, the poorest and richest countries showed the most enthusiasm about digital technology in their lives and the least concern about security, though in the case of the US, they also reported much higher levels of cybercrime than other countries. 

IoT, or smart technology, is expected to grow to US$662 billion in 2023, encompassing a range of technologies from next-generation robotics systems in factories to smart light bulbs.

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