The Government of Canada expands trusted partnership with BlackBerry 

The Government of Canada expands trusted partnership with BlackBerry 

BlackBerry has announced that the Government of Canada has expanded their trusted partnership with BlackBerry, with a multi-year agreement that will serve Government of Canada federal employees. The agreement is signed by Shared Services Canada (SSC), the department responsible for delivering modern, secure and reliable digital IT services for the Government of Canada to meet Canadian’s needs.  

The expanded partnership with BlackBerry now gives the Government of Canada a bespoke BlackBerry Cloud and extends and expands its use of BlackBerry UEM, BlackBerry UEM Dark Site and BlackBerry SecuSUITE to enable the daily operations of departments and agencies across the government, reliably and securely.

BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry MTD can be used to protect information in Government of Canada systems, a testament to the company’s longstanding reputation as the leader in security. BlackBerry SecuSUITE is certified by NATO for classified-level secure communications, demonstrating the trusted relationships the company has with governments around the world.

“BlackBerry and the Government of Canada have been trusted partners for almost 40 years,” said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry. “We are delighted to expand our contributions to the Government of Canada’s agenda, with innovative technologies that lead on the global stage and serve Canadians’ national interests, especially at this time where having the technology advantage is critical to national security.”

Neelam Sandhu, Chief Elite Customer Success Officer, BlackBerry, added: “Shared Services Canada plays a pivotal role in Canada’s technology strategy. It has been wonderful to partner with SSC to help deliver on their mandate of modern, secure and reliable digital IT services. BlackBerry’s advanced technologies, including our pioneering UEM and AI cybersecurity software and our sustainability strategy are closely aligned with the Government of Canada’s priorities.”

The partnership supports the Government of Canada’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. BlackBerry shares a similar commitment having announced in 2021 the company is carbon neutral. 

Recognised as the industry standard for trusted technology by the Government of Canada, BlackBerry is built on a foundation of trust, which is why governments, banks and other regulated industry organisations around the world use BlackBerry software.

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