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ThreatX data reveals 97% of consumers predict cyberattacks will get worse

ThreatX data reveals 97% of consumers predict cyberattacks will get worse

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New research released from ThreatX, a leading API and application protection platform, revealed that the vast majority of consumers are concerned that cyberattacks will increase or remain consistent over the coming year (97%) and become more sophisticated (69%), outpacing the ability of cyber defences to protect against these threats. Only 13% reported feeling that they were going to be completely protected from cyberattacks in the year ahead. 

ThreatX’s survey of 2,000 consumers across the UK and US sheds light on consumers’ predictions for cybersecurity in 2024, including their biggest concerns and their plans to adjust their practices. 

Results found that most consumers (94%) predict that cyberattack methods will become more difficult to defend against in 2024. At the same time, only 6% believe new cybersecurity defences will be able to defend against these new and rising threats to ensure data remains protected and secure.  

“Every year, analysts, security and technology experts put out their predictions on where the cybersecurity industry is going, the biggest threats likely to arise and up and coming themes and technologies to watch out for, but we hardly ever gauge consumer sentiment on this topic,” said Gene Fay, CEO at ThreatX. “What we’ve found is that consumers are keeping a pulse on cybersecurity trends and have serious concerns around how their sensitive information is protected. As they look at the companies that they do business with, it’s clear they’ll be expecting more robust cybersecurity measures to be put in place to meet the evolving threats of tomorrow.”  

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