Washington Technology Solutions partners with Cloud Range to strengthen cybersecurity in Washington State

Washington Technology Solutions partners with Cloud Range to strengthen cybersecurity in Washington State

Cloud Range, the industry’s leading cyber range-as-a-service solution to reduce cyber-risk across the organization, has announced a partnership with Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) to engage in incident response training in a safe, controlled environment.

This initiative aims to enhance the state’s cyber readiness and prepare practitioners to detect and remediate threats. WaTech operates the state’s core technology services, providing strategic and comprehensive information security to protect state networks from increasing cyber-threats. It serves state agencies, county, city, and tribal governments, and public-benefit nonprofits.

Ransomware incidents have become increasingly prevalent among the nation’s state and local government entities and critical infrastructure organizations. As malicious actors continue to evolve their cybersecurity threat tactics, it’s more important than ever for government agencies and organizations to have a well-prepared incident response plan.

WaTech will use Cloud Range’s FlexRange Live-Fire Cyber Simulation Program in its first-ever series of state-of-the-art team-based attack simulation missions to enhance team collaboration and response readiness. Cloud Range will evaluate WaTech’s cybersecurity teams and individuals on technical and soft skills, and provide actionable metrics across the training program to inform a continuous learning plan that yields measurable results and demonstrates an improved ability to defend the organization.

In addition, WaTech will use Range365, Cloud Range’s fully customizable cloud-based cyber range platform, to reap the benefits of having a custom-built cyber range on demand without the costly investment of infrastructure, technology, content creation, or administration.

“We’ve embarked on a journey to strengthen our incident response capabilities, and Cloud Range’s platform provides that opportunity. This will enhance our ability to collaborate seamlessly across agencies during a cybersecurity incident. By giving our teams hands-on experience in dealing with real-world cyber-threats, Washington state’s cyber practitioners across all experience levels can work together, learn from experts and coaches, and ultimately enhance their value to the state’s cybersecurity efforts. We believe it will bolster our defenses and make our workforce more fulfilled in their roles,” said Ralph Johnson, Washington State Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Cloud Range’s Range365 and FlexRange Cyber Simulation Program provide a unique and powerful cyber range training solution to empower security teams in hiring, training, retention, and team building. Range365’s fully customizable cloud-based cyber range platform and FlexRange’s virtual, instructor-led live-fire attack simulation exercises enable teams to train under realistic, high-pressure scenarios to assess their capabilities in thwarting the latest cyber-threats, facilitating the development and refreshment of security skills.

“The concept of a cyber range is different from traditional tabletop exercises. In a cyber range, participants don’t just talk about responses; they actively engage in simulated scenarios. This is a new concept for our state, and we have high hopes for its success,” continued Johnson.

“The cyber skills gap is a grave problem that can’t be overcome solely through academic learning or traditional certifications. People are only as good as their experience, so providing simulation-based experiential training is the only way to stay ahead of the growing number and complexity of threats,” said Debbie Gordon, CEO of Cloud Range. “We are excited to partner with WaTech to bring them the necessary tools to further their commitment to strengthening Washington state’s cybersecurity defenses.”

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