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Secure Internet: Demystifying utopia

Secure Internet: Demystifying utopia

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Miguel Sanhueza, Academic, Department of Electricity, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, UTEM, says achieving a fully secure Internet may be a utopian goal – but through education, awareness, and collective responsibility a more resilient and protected digital space can be built.

The notion of a completely secure Internet is, in many respects, an unattainable utopia.

Although we yearn for a digital space free of threats, reality confronts us with the complexity inherent in contemporary digital society.

This challenge, similar to Thomas More’s reflection in his work Utopia, invites us to recognize the inevitability of certain risks.

In recent times, various institutions, with particular emphasis on the European Community, have devoted significant resources to promoting Internet security.

The rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence, immersion in the metaverse and exploration of virtual worlds have widened the surface of exposure to potential threats, in the context of today’s Digital Transformation.

Despite the challenges, there are still committed people – with a true quixotic digital spirit – who seek to defeat the imaginary giants of cyber insecurity through education.

Miguel Sanhueza, Academic, Department of Electricity, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, UTEM

Hope lies in building a culture that embraces the motto Together for a Better Internet – in honor of the International Day for a Safer Internet that is commemorated every February 6.

This Internet security is not the sole responsibility of experts, but a collective task that society must embrace.

Conveying appropriate recommendations, especially to those starting their journey on the web, is essential.

Awareness of the risks associated with digital browsing should be cultivated from the first steps online.

More resilient digital space

Numerous recommendations can strengthen network security, from safeguarding passwords to using appropriate software.

However, these measures are insignificant if they are not accompanied by a conscious and careful attitude when navigating the vastness of cyberspace.

This approach reflects the lesson learned in childhood, where empirical understanding of dangers was critical.

Digital security is a daily commitment: the strength of the chain depends on each of its links.

Not only must we safeguard our own information, but we must also work together to protect those around us.

The impact of a digital threat goes beyond the direct victim, reaching a large part of their environment.

Achieving a fully secure Internet may be a utopian goal, but through education, awareness and collective responsibility we can build a more resilient and protected digital space.

Internet security is not just a requirement of some, but a collective need that defines the integrity of our digital society.

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