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Boston Red Sox chooses Centripetal as cyber network security partner

Boston Red Sox chooses Centripetal as cyber network security partner

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Centripetal to provide intelligence powered cybersecurity for the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park, shielding the iconic baseball organisation from cyberthreats.

Centripetal, a global leader in intelligence powered cybersecurity, has announced that it has been selected as the Official Cyber Network Security Partner for the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park.

Under the multi-year partnership, Centripetal will protect the Boston Red Sox by deploying its CleanINTERNET solution at Fenway Park and their training facilities.

Bad actors are increasingly looking to the sports industry in their quest for new targets. National sports teams, major and minor leagues, global sporting associations, and entertainment venues all possess valuable personal and business data. A recent study conducted by the National Cyber Security Centre found that 70% of sports organisations experience at least one cyberattack each year.

Centripetal has successfully operationalised global threat intelligence and provided a completely proactive cybersecurity solution. Recognising the unique needs of the Boston Red Sox, Centripetal is customising its CleanINTERNET solution to address vulnerabilities unique to the sporting and entertainment industry.

This customisation ensures a holistic and adaptive approach to cybersecurity that ensures the integrity of the Boston Red Sox’s sensitive data and information, and maintains the trust of fans, sponsors and the broader community.

Jonathan Rogers, Chief Operating Officer at Centripeta, said: “Centripetal is honoured to provide intelligence-powered cybersecurity protection for such an iconic legacy team and brand. Cyberattacks are today’s most disruptive business risk, causing an average of more than 16 days of downtime. Centripetal is honoured to work closely with the Boston Red Sox to proactively mitigate cyber-risk with our patented CleanINTERNET solution, so that they can focus on providing the best experience possible for their fans.”

Brian Shield, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer/Information Technology for the Boston Red Sox, said: “We understand the malicious nature of today’s cyberattackers, and we wanted to defend our network and data as proactively as possible. This collaboration with Centripetal ensures uninterrupted operations. By mitigating cyber-risks effectively, the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park can focus on delivering exceptional sporting and entertainment experiences, events and fan engagement without the disruption caused by cyber-incidents. That’s the Centripetal difference.”

CleanINTERNET is an intelligence-powered security solution using high performance computing technology, patented software algorithms and uniquely skilled security analysts to deliver a

robust alternative protection strategy at significantly lower cost. CleanINTERNET presents an alternative approach to cybersecurity, putting threat intelligence at the forefront, moving from reactive to proactive defense, and helping security teams be more efficient and effective.

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