Heimdal and DACTA forge strategic partnership to boost APAC cybersecurity

Heimdal and DACTA forge strategic partnership to boost APAC cybersecurity

Heimdal has entered a strategic partnership with DACTA aimed at strengthening APAC cybersecurity.

By uniting Heimdal’s cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies with DACTA’s established market presence and insight, the partnership is pitched as being ‘uniquely positioned’ to meet the rapidly growing demand for advanced digital protection services.

DACTA’s strong distribution network will make Heimdal’s suite of AI-powered cybersecurity products more accessible to businesses and government agencies in APAC.

Heimdal and DACTA are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters innovation.

This partnership is said to start an ‘exciting journey’ to discover novel cybersecurity strategies and technologies with the potential to transform cybersecurity paradigms in the APAC region and beyond.

Dr Benjamin Xie, CEO, DACTA, said: “Our collaboration with Heimdal marks a strategic step towards enhancing cybersecurity resilience in the APAC region. We are excited to bring Heimdal’s world-class solutions to our markets and look forward to exploring further avenues for innovation and growth together.”

Morten Kjaersgaard, CEO, Heimdal said: “This partnership with DACTA represents an important opportunity for Heimdal to expand its global footprint. We are confident that DACTA’s expertise in the APAC market will be instrumental in bringing our advanced cybersecurity solutions to a wider audience.”

Heimdal’s integrated approach has already proven successful, as evidenced by its products receiving prestigious awards such as ‘AI and Machine Learning-Based Security Solution of the Year’ at the Computing Security Awards 2023 and ‘Cloud-Based Solution of the Year’ at the Network Computing Awards 2023.

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