Hillstone Network’s Vision São Paulo 2024 event to share cybersecurity innovations with channel

Hillstone Network’s Vision São Paulo 2024 event to share cybersecurity innovations with channel

Hillstone Networks, a provider of cybersecurity and risk management solutions, has announced Vision São Paulo 2024: Hillstone Networks Partner Roadshow, an event taking place on May 21, 2024, at the Hilton São Paulo Hotel.

“Brazil is advancing more and more in the digital economy, but failures in the cybersecurity strategies of organizations continue to produce unavailability, delaying business and tarnishing the brand of these companies,” said Alex Rodriguez, Deputy Sales Director at Hillstone Brazil.

“The Vision São Paulo 2024 event will share with our partners how to make the most of the intelligence of the Hillstone offering to help CISOs and CIOs overcome these challenges. Hillstone’s partner ecosystem is a group of companies that have an in-depth knowledge of the markets in which they operate and the specific struggles of their clients. The sum of the Hillstone platform’s AI and ML capabilities with the channel’s service offerings effectively helps the Brazilian economy gain resilience in 2024.”

Vision São Paulo 2024 is a roadshow for partners that aims to drive engagement and strategic connection across Latin America. This edition of the event will bring together some of the leading channel resellers from across the region to participate in a day full of activities, including talks with executives André Kupfer, Senior Manager of Sales Engineering at Hillstone, and Dennis Godoy, Senior Sales Manager at Hillstone.

“Throughout Vision São Paulo 2024, there will be lectures focused on a strategic approach and sharing vision with our partners,” added Rodriguez.

Part of the meetings will also focus on specific technical challenges faced by the Brazilian market and how the sum of Hillstone’s intelligence with partner services can contribute to raising the digital maturity of the market. This second moment will delve into concepts such as Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), CGNAT, XDR and NDR.

“It is worth noting that it is part of the Vision São Paulo 2024 agenda to share marketing strategies and commercial training with our partners. The goal is to work together to further accelerate business across the ecosystem.”

Rodriguez explains that roadshows like this are part of Hillstone Networks’ channel ecosystem development strategy, contributing to the exceptional levels of growth experienced in recent years, positioning Hillstone as one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity players in Brazil and Latin America.

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