Hull City Council has paid £30,000 in claims related to data breaches

Hull City Council has paid £30,000 in claims related to data breaches

Hull City Council has confirmed it has paid £30k in data breach claims and has suffered nine cyberattacks and six data breaches, over three years.

Dr Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of Blackfog, said: “The latest news on Hull City Council’s data breaches and cyberattacks is alarming and should serve as a wake-up call for all local authorities. With nine cyberattacks and six breaches in just three years, preventing such attacks in the future must be a priority for the council. 

“It is not enough to rely on self-reporting and compensation pay outs to the victims of data breaches. Councils need to take proactive measures to prevent such incidents from happening in the first place. 

“Preventing data loss is critically important and an investment in modern cybersecurity solutions to prevent data exfiltration is a must. The government sector will always be a target for cybercriminals, but if councils and governments prioritise investing in preventative solutions it is possible to prevent attacks and ensure their data does not fall into the wrong hands.” 

A Hull City Council Spokesperson said: “As with any large organisation, it is inevitable that Hull City Council experiences data breaches.

“However, the figures demonstrate there is a high level of self-reporting, which shows a robust oversight culture within the council.

“There is effective governance in place, through which reports are reviewed on a monthly basis.

“The last two years have shown that £7,500 has been paid in compensation, which is a lower figure than many other comparable organisations and local authorities. “Most cyber-incidents are phishing attempts, with just six breaches reported in the last three years.”

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