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WannaCry just showed why healthcare is lagging in security

Healthcare is an industry under siege. This statement was true yesterday and was underscored by the massive ransomware attack. Care providers are targeted by cybercriminals with greater frequency than any other organisation. And thanks to old equipment and flagging security standards, these attacks find success far more often than they should. Security is no longer […]

WannaCry and why it has wrecked so many businesses

This week’s attacks leveraging the WannaCry ransomware were the first time we have seen an attack combine worm tactics along with the business model of ransomware. The weaponisation of the EternalBlue exploit made public weeks ago, and unpatched MS-17-010 Windows OS vulnerabilities by the thousands enabled WannaCry to infect hundreds of thousands of computers, across […]

Time for your New Year cyber detox?

The Festive period is over, the mince pies, turkey and other excesses are finished for another year and we start the New Year with hope and optimism and often New Years resolutions. Equally, in the corporate world, we need to start the New Year with fresh plans and schemes, but at the same time ensure […]

DDoS defence: Is your network protected?

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are growing in both size and sophistication. Recently in September, a pair of high-profile DDoS attacks reached more than 600 Gbps and 1 Tbps, respectively, ranking among the largest DDoS attacks on record. And their ferocity is only expected to trend upward. No one is immune  DDoS attacks don’t discriminate. Mom-and-pop […]

Hack of Yahoo accounts – and the 700-day fallout!

On Thursday, September 22, 2016, Yahoo confirmed that hackers stole the personal data associated with at least 500 million Yahoo accounts. Details including names, passwords, email addresses, phone numbers and security questions were taken from the company’s network in late 2014 by what is believed to be a state-sponsored hacking group.

Improving network security

In May this year, we posted results of our ‘network protection survey’, which looked – among other things – at best practices in companies that were highly successful at network security. I will drill down into these best practices, and how to achieve them. Some of the recommended actions have the added benefit of positively influencing multiple […]

Reinforcing security by reducing privileged access

As I tour the world helping Active Directory administrators, security professionals, and auditors secure their Windows environment, I often get questions about privileged access, states Derek Melber, Technical Evangelist at ManageEngine. The questions usually are about how privileges are granted and how an organisation can know if its privileges are correct. These are great questions […]

The next generation of cyber-security threats

I am sure most of us in the cyber-security community were happy to flip the calendar to 2016 for obvious reasons! Given what we witnessed in 2015, while cloud, mobile and IoT will continue to dominate the discussion in many boardrooms, it is actually security that should be close to the top of the priority […]

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